Rob Summers

Old Big 8 modesty. Colorado is CU, Nebraska is NU, Kansas is KU, Missouri is MU, and Oklahoma is OU.


A question often asked of many former Big Eight schools: Why is it the University of Colorado, but the moniker is CU and not UC? (The same applies at Kansas-KU, Missouri-MU, Nebraska-NU and Oklahoma-OU). “Midwestern casualness,” says CU historian Fred Casotti. It has always been this way at Colorado, for whatever reason, and at the other four listed above-but seemingly nowhere else in the USA.

Midwestern casualness. Amazing.

“Midwestern Casualness is why I don’t wear pants to the door when there’s a UPS or Amazon delivery.”

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No one pays attention to what Fred Casotti says.

“Hello, Greg? Travis Steele here. Can you send me your leftovers?”


I think they just struggle with having no real place to belong. They stunk in the B12, they’re largely irrelevant in the SEC…kind of like UC in the B12…

I was season ticket holder at Mizzou for most of the1980s when in grad school. They were consistently in the top 20 then, and for a few weeks ranked # 1. I understand this was a long time ago but I think there is potential. Football there had success this last year; just took the right coach. Only power conference University in the state.



Rob Summers, pied piper.

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