RedHawks VS Greenhawks Feb 2 and 3 at Goggin!

Students are back! Pack the Rink!


Ludvigs Return…

Unfortunately for us our next three opponents are #1, 2, and 3 in the NCHC standings.

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Wish Ludwig all the best except vs Miami.
We also know his weak spots.

He had a rough time in our first game out in grand forks earlier this season

What the f#%* is a Greenhawk? Someone pick their nose and flip a booger?

Maybe it will stick

Greenhawks: I like it.

Bergeron said in the weekly presser Barbolini, Hallen, Feenstra, Neaton all still out. Vitolins questionable. Barbolini is skating at least.

Battle of:


Remember…I’m pullin’ for ya!..we’re all in this together.


The Red Green Show on CBC, eh?

Very funny show!

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Our preview…still lots of key injuries.

Preview: North Dakota at Miami – View From the Glass

I’ve been waiting for someone to point out how the VFTG Twitter/X feed has a tweet(?) back on 1/22 stating how the coaching staff won’t make seniors available for interviews…and copied the NCHC and Dave Starman! ROTFLOL!!! That’ll show ‘em you ain’t foolin’ around, Bonk.

Back to lurking.

Tied at 1 after the first and looking decent so far…

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Tanyon Bajzer with speed gets his first collegiate point. Why was this kid stuck a scratch for so long!?!??


Its 3-2 now, Miami is up.

Lots of action in the second


That third goal was a beaut!


Waldron with the shorty!!

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