Real Football 2023 - Miami at Miami

We’re a month out from the opener this weekend. The sports book guys have us opening as about a
16 1/2 point dog. It’s really hard to tell considering the disappointing seasons both teams had last season. The Canes went 5-7 with a blowout 45-31 loss to MTSU at Hard Rock. Our most disappointing loss in last year’s 6-7 season was probably the one on the road at BG when our offense couldn’t move the football worth a damn.

But lots of things have changed - especially in Coral Gables. Mario has been as aggressive in the portal out/portal in game as anyone not named Deion in this off season. Their O-Line wasn’t very good last season. It’s supposed to be far better this year. They also added speed, a traditional killer of MAC teams aspiring to an upset, on both sides of the ball. I watched their spring game and they were definitely just trying to make the new and old pieces fit together. Mario openly admitted that in his post-scrimmage interview.

In a situation similar to Miami, they are bringing back an injured starting QB - Tyler Van Dyke.

ESPN ran a replay of their game at Texas A&M last season today. They lost it in a low-scoring close game - 17-9 - to a highly underperforming Aggie team that had been beaten at home by App State the previous week.

The Hurricanes are playing a rematch game at Hard Rock against A&M the week after they play us so I’m pretty sure they will be looking ahead to that one when we show up. That’s probably a plus for our RedHawks.

In watching TVD, it doesn’t take long to see that mobility is not the Cane QB’s forte. He doesn’t have much speed, isn’t very elusive and doesn’t pull the ball down and run on purpose very often. He appears to be happy when he’s well-protected in a stable pocket and uses a big arm to capitalize on that. Getting past that retooled O-Line to pressure TVD will be an obvious challenge - and a key to keeping us in the game. The back end has to shore up the loss of Saunders immediately so speedy receivers don’t run past us and let TVD throw the ball over their heads. Tighter coverage would also be a plus to avoid being picked apart.

Offensively, Brett needs to be back to the form he showed us during the first half at UK last season, the O-Line sans Feth and Shaffer must protect Brett and run block much better than last year’s unit so we aren’t always in second or third and long situations,

And someone needs to become the heir apparent to Hipp

I’m also interesting in seeing if the staff has figured out how to make Aveon a threat out of the backfield when Brett’s on the field at QB. I see that as a positive option after watching last year’s season unfold.

That’s just my opening observation.

Looking forward to seeing if our program is now finally strong enough to threaten what was a middle of the pack ACC squad on the road. Both Miamis should be better than they were last season.


Hopefully. the heatwaves will have subsided by then and the team doesn’t have to play in tropical conditions.

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Yep. There’s always the possibility of a Hurricane game against the Hurricanes.

Hurricane Warning could move game out of Florida to Oxford. LOL
Hope for a nice mild hurricane that we will crush on the field wherever the game. :grinning:

Who is heading to the game at Hard Rock and where are you staying?

I’m flying down on Thursday afternoon and staying at the Stadium Hotel across from Hard Rock on Thursday and Friday nights.

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If Miami can’t develop a legit DI passing game (using multiple recievers, the tight end and RB), then it’ll be along season, starting with a schwacking in Florida.

Kind of assuming that’s a RSVP No.

That’s quite a positive “fire up” and “Let’s Go, Boys”message to start the season!

I’m planning on being there along with @Spanks004, @yanksalex, and a couple other hawktalkers. I believe the plan is to stay at an Airbnb that’s pretty close to the stadium.


Four Points by Sheraton Coral Gables

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I will definitely be partying at the house, but another friend of mine had pre-booked a room at The Royal Palm, South Beach (Marriott hotel) for Thursday and Friday nights. Will be sitting with Jive and crew in the lower bowl at the game!


Me and my bestie will be there, continuing our annual Miami tradition! Staying at some Hilton by the beach.
Patiently waiting for my tailgate invite from yanks and jivehawk :joy:.


Let’s hope you don’t see me up hundreds in poker and wake up the next morning with nothing…

Lower bowl Section 122 for us…Miami is selling its block in 126, basically adjoining. 122 is said to be the designated college visitors section but I’m pretty sure they’ll be some red in 122. 124 and 126.

It’s been years, but I fondly remember Alex’s meat. Maybe he’ll rent a Weber and grill cabrito!


I don’t know if this has been mentioned, but University of Miami has a very familiar name as their defensive coordinator, but let’s stop him from getting his damn trophy:

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Yep. Now let’s go get our damned trophy!

(They played that clip on the Miami spring game telecast.)

Coaches poll came out yesterday. Coral Gables is way down the others receiving votes category, in 40th overall. UC got no votes and Toledo got a handful to come in at 51st overall.

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CBS Poll has Hurricanes at 37 and RedHawks at 96 - third in the MAC. The Canes might not be that good yet - but they’re definitely on their way back up - probably catching them at about the right time…lots of new 5-4 star pieces playing together in their first game.

We’re much better than that - or we should be. If not, “Houston we have a problem.”

The other two MAC teams they rank above us - Toledo and Ohio - should be better than that, too.


Good news! It looks like the travel package Miami was selling for the hotel in South Beach has sold out! We’re probably going to have a very nice Red and White turnout!