QB Injuries

Obviously no team is going to be better without their starting QB, but it’s insane how far we drop off when we don’t have our primary QB available.

Miami’s record against MAC opponents under Chuck Martin since 2016 when…

the primary QB starts and plays the whole game: 26-6 (.813)

the primary QB starts, but gets knocked out of the game: 1-2 (.333)

the primary QB doesn’t play at all: 3-7 (.300)

We’re in year 9 and the only season where the backup hasn’t gotten major playing time in at least one game was 2018, so it’s not like it’s a surprise that you’re going to need more than one QB at some point. It seems like we’re not doing a good enough job of developing/preparing backups. Or at least protecting the starter when you know there’s such a huge dropoff.


Interesting stats. Maybe the press will ask coach Martin about it today?


That’s some telling stuff…and it seems when we face a MAC backup, they do just fine.

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After seeing a decent sample size of Aveon, I sure hope Chuck hasn’t given up on Brett returning this year.

Now that we know it’s a collar bone and not a separated/dislocated shoulder I think it’s possible he comes back in November but will that be too little too late?

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Good one.


I doubt the “Press” will raise the issue…BUT, if they should do so, I would expect a word salad answer or related obfuscation.


What press? Certainly not the Dayton Daily News.

On some of those press conferences that only press is the SID and the radio announcer. Since Chuck could get both of them fired I doubt they are going to be asking

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I will say this. A Chuck Martin conference is generally “it was somebody else’s fault”and a Kevin Stefanski press conference is generally “its all my fault”. Both teams lost similar games and neither is satisfactory to the fans :grinning:


I’m nearing the point of hoping Brett is able to get a medical RS this year and maybe play 2 more years. Start his RS-JR year by kicking Miami’s ass in Coral Gables.


Just watched today’s “Presser.” Cupcake Qs all the way…nothing about using a 2- QB system…ah, yes, so predictable.


@renmanaz He never used the word “pass” in connection with Miami’s offense even once. His only nod to the problem was a mention that we could still move the ball but that we wouldn’t be as explosive. The first five minutes he simply described a classic failure to seize opportunity and win a winnable football game on the road. Chuck seemed to lay the blame for the loss on the defense’s failure to get a stop on the final Buffalo drive…

Agree…“pass” not in his vocabulary.

I was once told that sometimes you just have to take a hard look in the mirror and your problem will be staring back at you.

Ditto what @yanksalex said. Let him completely heal and play two more years.

I don’t think Brett needs a medical redshirt.

He can take a standard redshirt as long as he does not play in more than 4 games.


Cupcake questions for sure, but I don’t disagree with what he said overall, the question is who’s calling these crucial, silly-arse plays in redzone?

Depends on what he wants to do, if he takes the medical redshirt it gives him the ability to still use a redshirt year, which gives him a possibility of staying around for three more years. If he just wants to get his degree and move on he could use his standard redshirt year and be gone in two years. Just up to him.



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If he takes the medical redshirt this year he is done for the year.

A normal redshirt gives him the opportunity to still play in 3 more games this year if he wants to and is needed.

He still has the option of a medical redshirt in a subsequent year if injured in the first half of the season and does not play in more than 3 games.

That still gives him possibility of staying for another 3 years in that scenario.

I gather Brett wants to play this year if he can make a difference down the stretch. That is going to depend on how the team performs over the next 5-6 weeks.


Just hit me reading back up QB problems. History tells us we typically will need a backup that’s for sure. But—

#1 our backup transferred out

#2 with every game typically so damn close there’s not a lot of room to put in #2 when you feel like you absolutely have to win every game possible to keep your job and keep HawkTalkers off your trail