Prediction Wednesday

Good guys 10
Cane kids 24

Cristobol has the crystal ball and edges out Martin unfortunately.

Oxford 20
Coral gables 19

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Hurricanes- 23. RedHawks- 21

Criminal candy canes 24
Real Miami 30

Miami of Ohio 23
Miami of Florida 20

Bad guys by 17. Hope to be dead wrong

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24-23 us. Sackman named King of South Beach.


Miami - 38
Miami - 10

OH - 17
FL - 37

We stick with them through 3, but their depth prevails.

The line has moved from 18 to 16.5 this week. Money is coming in on us!


I could see this being a game like Minnesota in 2021 - we stumble out of the gate, come back to come within a TD in the second half at various points, can’t pull it out in the end, and Martins’s OOC ineptitude continues. The U isn’t back, but this ain’t last year’s Northwestern.

U - 30
Real Miami - 24

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I just don’t see us scoring 24 points in a game this season for some reason haha…maybe against Delaware State

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I think sadly this year we start seeing the separation of the bigs from the not-so bigs in scores and the Idalias win by 30 or more.

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If only we had a Ditka on this team, I mean…we had a Shula (ever heard of him lil’ havana?)


If no major TOs for us:

MU: 27
UM-FL: 23

Or this, which makes my prediction not crazy, lol


Hurricanes 31
Redskins 13

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Maybe it’s foolhardy optimism, but there are a few factors in our favor:

-Fifth year starting QB (COVID season and injuries notwithstanding), few in college football have that
-New OC (not expecting Welsh to put up Mike Leach numbers, but even if he’s average it’s a big step up from Koehler)
-In the last two seasons, the U has given up 20+ to 2 of the 3 G5 programs they played
-Last year against FBS teams with winning records they gave up an average of 35.9 points, in 5 of those 7 games they gave up 40+


Another factor is that - although Mario has upgraded his roster tremendously - this will be their first game together under two brand new coordinators. They might not be hitting on all cylinders yet. Playing them in their opener is probably far better than playing them in game three or four.

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I hear you there. Do we really think Martin is going to give up control to Welsh? My concern is we go back to when the offense was even worse and we bitched that Martin was calling plays and nothing was good…


CM will be “running” the offense.


My heart says one thing. My head says something else. Will go with my head.

UM 30
MU 17

We will cover.

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