Prediction Thursday MU at UMass

One day late…mea culpa.

Good Guys 24
Amherst Minutekids 18

Miami Midwest 31
New England Minutemen 27

I think it’s going to be close. UMass’ defense is susceptible as they’ve given up something like 89 points in 2 games.

They’re UMass. They suck forever.


Miami 17-10 in the rain.

Not a prediction, but a stat many may not realize. Gabbert has gone 6 straight starts without an interception. His last INT was 11/27/21.

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Miami wins, 24-21

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Miami over UMASS 28-21

Surprisingly-easy 28-7 win. Miami.

College Football USA 97 prediction:

Miami 28
UMass 13

It took a while to master the controls on he keyboard and as a result, UMass had a 13-7 lead late in the first half. Miami scored with just :02 remaining before halftime to take a 14-13 lead. The RedHawks then scored on the opening possession of the second half and the Minutemen struggled to move the ball at all for the rest of the game.

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I think it might be a bit closer. Hope I’m wrong.

21-17 Bad guys

Battle of small towns…Miami 27. UMass. 13

Miami 23 UMass 16

Miami. 20
UMass 17

If Phommachanh is available

Miami 20
UAss 17

If Phommachanh is not available

Miami 27
UAss 3

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Miami University…Oxford, Ohio…Home of the REDHAWKS Love & Honor! 24
MinuteMen 13

Only 6 of their 13 against 1st team D Back on track.

After risking my life flying thru a hurricane and spending good money to watch my alma mater play like shit last week. I have a hard time being positive

Miami 6

Not sure we can get a TD with our offense, hope I am wrong?

Miami 20
U Mess or U Miss 10…but Miami had better not MISS (or overlook) today’s opponent…though, with CM in charge, you just never know…

LMAO at the folks that picked us to lose. We’re coming for Clifton.