Prediction Thursday: Heroes vs. Villains

If you pick against us, you’re out. Now is not the time for soft people. We’re getting dirty on Saturday. It’s a grimy and gritty effort that is needed to vanquish those turd people. Swearing is mandatory.

Miami 17
The Devil’s Butthole 16


Sackman’s timid prediction inspired me to go big:

Miami 24
Marching 110 10


Nothing timid. We just know how Aveon games go. I expect a dominant one point win.

Miami 17-14.

Good guys 15
Pussycat Dolls 24

With GB out, Miami gets cat scratch fever from the meow mixers unfortunately. Special teams and D need to come up big for us to stand a chance.

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I’ll say 14-12 MU.
And yes, that’s two missed extra field goals for the Robert Cats.

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I really hope AS developed some passing talent he’ll display……28-24 Skins

The rules were clear. You’re out. See you on Sunday.


Bobcats by 6. We now have a much-different offense.

See ya

17 -13 Miami.

Out of what???

Down and dirty. The Major League D that was sparkd in 2nd half last Saturday keeps it going.
Bobbies 12

If you live within 2.t hours of Athens and aren’t going to the game ashame on you. You better have a good excuse!@@


Miami 3
Robert Katz 13

Bye bye…join the other doubters/losers. Positive vibes only.

Imagine walking into the trenches of MHT today and saying “why yes that breakfast turd sandwich was delicious and I’m going to pick my beloved alma mater to lose to Jay Mariotti’s alma mater”.

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27-17 winning for Brett…and because I hate “Green Slime.” A strong defense, applied liberally, will usually remove green slime. If it reappears after a first application, wait a few minutes and apply the strong defensive slime-removal once again…some scrubbing may be necessary if it persists. After three hours and several applications, the green slime is usually eliminated.

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I’m driving up tomorrow from the coast of Carolina. It will be my first game day visit for Miami vs Ohio since 1990. We don’t play them on Saturdays very often anymore.

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ESPN College Football Pickem has Miami vs Ohio listed this week. 82% of the current pickers are saying Ohio will win. Prove the haters wrong!

The line is still 7 and the O/U has dropped to 39.5 - the lowest O/U on the board for the rest of the weekend.

Miami 21 Pusscats 20

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Outcome for offense is all Smith and smart play calling. He was awful in the 4th quarter last week. Hopefully a week of 1st team snaps helps.

D must play lights out too.

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