Pittsburgh Steelers 2024

Looks like Arthur Smith is the next OC victim, I mean coach….

Time to let Russ cook, it appears…

Great deal for a million (+) bucks. Thanks Broncos.

A year of learning will hopefully help KP.

I’d be more excited if we signed Devin White or Justin Simmons

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Terrible and cheap…exactly what everyone wants in their starting QB.

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If this was 2003 and the Steelers were just a QB away from a possible SB run, and were drafting bottom half in the 1st round, I could get signing a guy who is 36 and being paid over $100 million to NOT play football, but this just reeks of desperation and another reason why Tomlin gots to go.

Oddly Pittsburgh just picked up a whole new set of fans in North Carolina. Fans of the Wolfpack love Russ!

Ex-Buckeye Cameron Johnston (punter) signs with Steelers. Pretty good numbers.

" With the signing of Russell Wilson and Cameron Johnston, the Steelers have taken care of the two most exasperating positions for the fan base, QB & P."

Edit was minor. It was a Twitter (X) quote. I think I’m going to hit some golf balls right now. Small bucket. At Yankee Trace. It’s pretty nice outside.

When you skull one hard right put my name on it!

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Patrick Queen (ILB) is a Steeler! Huge signing that fills a position of need (considering the injury history of current ilbs).

Dl, DB, C, and WR may be among the Steelers first five draft choices.

Beautiful today. I hit a small bucket. Moved slightly closer to the ball. Less loft and slightly more distance. Little steps.

Edit - Forgot the center position. Toby Kimball was a center. No…Maybe a power forward.

Dionte Johnson for Donte Jackson.

More cap space. Dionte was a one-year rental.

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Seems like WR/C will be rounds 1&2

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And now Rudolph to the Titans. I will miss him he always seemed to be a loyal foot soldier. And really came through late in the season last year. It’ll be interesting to see what he does in Tennessee.

I’d love for him to beat the Steelers in a playoff game and give Tomlin the game ball. Dude was absolutely railroaded in Pittsburgh.

You all have to be kidding. Rudolph has never shown he can be the long term answer. He’s going to the Titans to be a backup to Will Levis. Nobody was ringing his phone off the hook to sign him. He signed for peanuts because that’s all he could get and that’s what he’s worth.

The guy gave the Steelers the best QB play they had since Ben, and had the locker room behind him. Russ isn’t taking the team anywhere with their roster

I see 9-10 wins and an early playoff exit. BUT…With a bit of luck, good health, and savvy signings and draft picks…Maybe 12 wins and who knows what after that.

And short.

Depends on how Omar closes free agency and fares in the draft. I mean, the team needs a C, T, 2x WR on offense. The DL has an old and broken Cam, and some potential in Becton; other than that…trash. LBs seem to be the best group on the field right now. We need at least 2 more quality CBs, and a SS. Thats a tough gap to close.

DeShon Elliott helps.