Pittsburgh Steelers 2022

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Ebron to the Packers? It might work. Could the Steelers get a 4th-round pick? Probably not. A 5th? Perhaps.

Ingram to the Chiefs for a 6th-rounder. Good deal for both teams. If the Raiders win their division, the Steelers may be battling the Chiefs for a wild-card slot.

Now that can ship Ebron’s lockerroom cancer ass out too!!

Should have gotten a fourth for Ingram.

Very surprised we didn’t pick up a DT, but it takes two to trade…hopefully Khalil Davis can contribute and Tuitt comes back before too long…

5-3 after tonight…And then 6-3. Fool’s Gold.

One worry is that this is the type of game Tomlin loses. Hope Fields has a solid game…But loses.

Night game, At home, and alternate uniforms using means good things for the Steelers. But with how up and down this team is, you just never know. Expecting a 19-14 type game

Matt Canada calls those quick passes to the outside like he’s still calling plays in the NCAA. They’ve probably gone for -30 yards tonight

The Steelers were pretty terrible last night. The OL was pathetic. Moore was a distaster at LT and Turner and Moore were awful up the middle. Harris is one of the best RBs on the planet and 3rd and 2 and 4th and 1 are passing downs because we can’t run block at all.

And, Canada’s passing game of throwing underneath the line to gain and then hoping the receiver can get 5 YAC is not going to work throwing to guys like Rader.

Ben wasn’t great, either, but losing Claypool on top of Ju_ju’s injury didn’t help.

The announcers played up the penalty discrepancy, but maybe Chicago shouldn’t line up offside every play, and maybe that fringe NFL player Marsh shouldn’t put on a full scale Terrell Owens act after making one tackle. What a dumbass.

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I was trying to figure out if the Bears front 7 (minus Mack and others) was still pretty good or if the OLine has regressed back to what it was at the beginning of the year. Maybe a bit of both.

Let’s not lose to the Lions…

The Steelers only run about four plays on offense. Jet sweep, inside shuffle pass, run up the middle, WR screen. Anything other than that is a roll of the dice. The only good thing about them right now is that they’re not turning it over. Offensive line has improved a little, but still not good enough to have consistent pass protection. They’ll probably beat the Lions next week, but this feels like a .500 team when it’s all said and done.

after last night the biggest issue with this team is the OL. Very inconsistent. Can’t sustain run blocks to open holes and pass protection is horrific.

I can’t believe the folks who think the Steelers need to draft a QB in round 1. This team needs to significantly address the lines during this draft, and roll with either Haskins or Rudolph should Ben decide to retire after the year.

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Ben out tomorrow due to Covid. It’s in the hands of Mason Rudolph now. I’m not optimistic. Perfect scenario would be the Steelers eek out a win and Ben gets a second bye week.

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Granted, this isn’t exactly the Big Ben of 10 years ago that Mason has to step in for. The bar is relatively low right now, so just don’t turn the ball over and complete the easy throws.

I’d be more curious to see Haskins personally…

I wasn’t optimistic WITH Big Ben!

This is this season’s Tomlin Bad Loss.

Harris might get 45 carries.

Gee, I guess Tomlin will kick a FG to go up 3 before the half after all.

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Burn the tape of this game