Payton Manning says Beat “Oh-Ma-Ha!”,this weekend, “Mi-A-Mi”!

Last home hockey for,’24 this weekend. Go get ‘em!

Apparently the hockey twitter just tweeted it’s a whiteout Friday. This is the first anyone has heard of it and we are 2 days out. Strange they wouldn’t advertise this weeks in advance if they wanted people to do it and it wasn’t even in the weekly athletics email.


In the past they have placed a white t-shirt on every seat.

I did not know that— if someone broke open their wallet to buy 3400 white t-shirts I will be beyond ecstatic

I realize that I’m now the 42-year-old fogey who started posting here in 2002, but it’s comforting to know that, like death and taxes, Miami’s inability to market to students is a constant.


Sat.night pre game Senior Players (7)recognition. Some excellent players there, Fletcher and Barbolini in particular.

I thought it was interesting in the press conference bergeron kept saying there were 6 seniors, plus Albin as the 7th being recognized. After taking out carter Logan and jack(5th/grad year) that still leaves us with 8 seniors.

Who isn’t getting recognized? My best guess was Ryan Sullivan? Maybe someone is coming back for sure? He mentioned daskas moulton Nilsson and fletcher by name as ones in the class. I would think drazner barbolini and hampus would also be in there as OG class of 24 members.

Maybe he just misspoke

Probably gonna be their only mention of it too

Feel sorry for seniors or any player playing his last home game. A bunch of losing has been their experience


Possibly this coaching staffs last home game too??

On the bright side both our last 2 home conference sweeps were against Omaha. Also we’ve played well on senior night the past two years (minus the last minute versus WMU)

NebOm is a very hot team right now though. They do have a tendency to only get 2/3 points in games though

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Unless this team wins 3 out of their remaining 4 games they will once again not reach double digits in wins. Currently at 7 wins total. Last time Miami hockey had double digit wins was 2018-2019 when they had 11. Not good.

Based on results Berg and staff are over paid

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Well if we look at home and away conference sweeps the last three were against Omaha (2) and western Michigan (1) who are our last two opponents. Plus we have a win streak against the broncos. Can we win out in the regular season???

Would be great to have momentum going into quarterfinals. UND can clinch a matchup with us this weekend.

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In other un-marketed news there is a discounted ticket offer for hockey this weekend and basketball next weekend. Saves $8 per hockey ticket and $7 per men’s basketball ticket plus two free pizzas.

The only place I’ve seen this information shared on social media is in the local oxford facebook group.


Confirmed on the HawkTawk, Ryan Sullivan is not getting recognized. It’s gonna be nilsson moulton daskas barbolini fletcher drazner and hampus.

Another year for our national champion??? It would be great to have his leadership back on the team

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Based on this email I’m going to assume that’s not the case tomorrow

Has anyone heard any rumblings about Burgeron’s future with the team? Maybe I’m reading into it too much but it seemed like he was showing a little more emotion than usual on HawkTawk tonight especially at the end of his segment.

He said to Steve that they wont talk again because the team is away next week for the final HawkTawk of the year, but it felt to me like there was some more subtext in there.

Or maybe I’m just going crazy.

I thought it was funny he said it was probably gonna be the last time he was there “this year” my immediate thought was well it could be your last time ever😂

I thought since he specified he was just saying goodbye for the season that meant he’s in the mindset that he’s coming back but also who knows

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Yeah maybe you’re right but the way he said it and thanked Steve for everything he does sure made it sound like he knows he isn’t returning but just can’t directly say it.

Doesn’t matter tho, let’s go kick Omaha’s ass this weekend and play for some pride for our last home series!

Lindenwood has a job opening now maybe he’ll have a shot there

And we can play for more than just pride, let’s get the ball rolling so we can do something this post season- some hardware is still not out of reach

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