OU topples Iowa State 10-7

Game played in Athens…

WMU ahead of IOWA…weather delay.

Someone needs to tell OU, CMU and WKU they are overmatched, didn’t get any of the first 50 picks, and that these games don’t matter.


I’m happy for these schools and maybe with a little luck we can join them.

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Kudos to Iowa State for going to Athens.


WMU hung tough (still fairly close). WKU over-matched. OU looked very good…especially their run defense.

Congrats to the Meow Mixers!

Hey OU, we’re not that impressed with your win today.


Understandably lost in the shuffle, but Toledo hung on to beat SJSU. That week 8 matchup in Oxford is looking extremely tasty.


How long has it been since the Rockets were in Ox-Vegas?

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Nice win OU. Maybe next time you can do it against a team that made the CFP less than two years ago.

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ISU was missing starters via the gambling probe and like half the team had the flu.

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Campbell got harassed by an Iowa State fan on the way out of the stadium and reacted by walking back and confronting him.

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Did you put voodoo on the Cyclones, too?

No, it seems their curse was self inflicted.

FPI projections for the rest of the season:

99.0% vs Delaware St
72.5% @ Kent St
74.8% vs Bowling Green
74.7% @ WMU
43.0% vs Toledo
54.4% @ Ohio
88.2% vs Akron
83.2% vs Buffalo
62.8% @ Ball St

Expected regular season record of 8.5-3.5.

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“Had the flu” is code for “trying to keep up with the students and locals at the Athens establishments last night/early this morning”

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Unless Ohio has injuries I am unaware of I cannot imagine how we would be favored in Athens.

I’ll favor us!

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OU picked up a couple votes in today’s Coach’s poll.