Other Non-MAC Bowl Games

The Famous Toastery Bowl just kicked off in Charlotte. It’s sunny and 57 degrees. I could have been there in a three hour drive and I could have saved about $700 bucks over the Orlando fiasco.

Ohio had nice weather for their Myrtle Beach Bowl game Saturday and that would have been an hour and fifteen minute drive.

Sometimes you’re just unlucky and you have to face it.


Friday and Sunday were nice as today. Sunny and about 65. Tuesday will be 60 and sunny. I don’t recall a December storm like we had Saturday.

Bad luck

Marshall vs UTSA in Frisco Bowl on ESPN at 9pm

Interesting matchup: Runners’ star QB Frank Harris out with an injury he sustained vs Tulane. Former NFL QB Josh McCown’s kid going against Chad Pennington’s kid.

Is anyone else completely done with the two spaced-out Jennifer Coolidge commercials for Capital One and the meaningless “His name was Cane” Coors commercial that shows the stadiums on the river in Cincinnati with Denver at Detroit superimposed over them? They air ad nauseum on the ESPN app.

I suppose we’ll be fed a steady diet of both until the CFB final game.

Marshall loses to UTSA, 35-17, and finishes the season at 6-7, in case anyone was wondering. :frog: :coffee:

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And they blew a 14-0 first quarter lead. McCown looked better than Pennington at running an offense. Pennington looks eerily like his dad through the helmet cage.

The Marshall faithful are VERY unhappy w Coach Huff.

Huff made a coaching error late yesterday that basically cost them the game. Pennington was sacked hard on third down at about mid-field and had to leave the game for a play. Marshall had three TO left and, trailing by 11, was obviously going for it on fourth down. Instead of using a timeout to allow Pennington not to sit out that fourth down, Huff threw their third or fourth string QB into the game cold. He immediately threw an INT that was run back to the Marshall 17. UTSA scored on the next play to make it 35-17. Rocky Boiman reamed Huff out for that decision on air.

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I’m wasn’t impressed with Pennington. I thought McCown grew into the role as the game progressed. Which is what you hope to see out of an inexperienced QB


USF up 31-0 over Syracuse at the half in Boca.

45-0 final.

Some of these bowl games are hard to watch. The portal has thinned out a few of these teams so much it’s like watching a different team. Syracuse/USF was a poorly played uninteresting game. WKU/ OD, on the other hand was absolutely a blast to watch.


I was watching a Netflix mini-series and thought Id switch over to last night’s game in the second half. I checked the score at halftime and chose to stay with the mini-series.

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I saw the halftime score and decided to fall asleep!

Yeah but you’re still on pain meds.

I wondered if Kyle McCord was hoping for a do-over on his transfer after watching that game.

I said almost exactly that to my lovely wife while watching the first half.


I’m not sure what Kyle was thinking. I guess he got paid big bucks. I wish him luck. That was a disaster last night.

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Bowl games in the portal age. Unpredictable.


Plumlee so good