Ohio at Miami 7:00 Friday on ESPN+

We’re on to Ohio U.

Spin zone: we’ll get much better value on the moneyline for this one!

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It’s looking like we will have back to back games in this year’s installment of Battle of the Bricks. We are on a collision course with OU for the 3-6 game. Two scenarios for making the 4/5 game: Akron win with Toledo loss (us and BG have same result) OR we beat OU and ball state beats BG. That would make 2nd tiebreaker irrelevant

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We have H2H with Kent, but not WMU so a loss and both of those teams winning could be a chaos scenario. If WMU and Kent both win and we lose we’d have a 3 way tie. It would mean Toledo is 1 and Akron is 2. Kent would have beaten Toledo, so they’d be the 6. Us and western would be 0 for against Toledo. If it goes down to record against Akron we would win the tiebreaker and be 7 with western at 8


I stand corrected. 3 team tie first breaker would be combined record against the 2 other teams. WMU at 2-1, Kent at 1-1, us at 1-2. WMU would take the 6. Then seeding between us and Kent would be H2H so we would have 7 and Kent would be 8. Wild stuff


ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Iditarod officials on Wednesday imposed a two-hour time penalty on musher Dallas Seavey for not properly gutting the moose he killed during the race earlier this week.

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I have tired of tiebreaker talk:


Me making the pre-game introductions at Millett tomorrow night, addressing OU:

Maybe the super secret strategy is to lay another egg on Friday ala Toledo and then when we face one or the other team in the tourney, we go with a wildly different game plan. Hard to beat any team three times in a season.

The first time we played Ohio, they kept sending their Center Clayton up high for a pick and roll, sometimes he rolled to the bucket, most of the time to the side behind the 3 point line. Our centers seldom got to him in time and he had a bunch of open looks and drained a bunch of threes. They are certainly going to use that play again tomorrow night until we have made an adjustment and stop it. We never did the first time. We lost 78 to 69 and 4 guys (Hunter, Mitchell, Clayton, and Brown) hit 15 of 26 threes and that was the game.

One other thing. Ohio State women’s All American Jacy Sheldon has that cute little way of spelling out JC. Her kid brother Ajay Sheldon, one of the Bobcats best subs got stuck with the same cutesy thing. Maybe our student group could let him know how cute we think he is.

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Ohio delenda est!

We can talk shit to Ajay but leave Jacy and Emmy alone!

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We’re +2.5 and +120 on the ML tonight currently. Easy money.

Miami 16-12 ATS this season.

Miami leads 17-12 at the under 8 timeout in the first half.

Now 24-12 and a not-a-TV-timeout by OU.

Pissed away most of a twelve point lead in under three minutes.

Woo! We lead at halftime.

Don’t ask by how many points and don’t ask how we reached this current margin.

Disappointing half. Ohio attempted 11 more shots and 5 more FTs. Thankfully they missed a lot of open 3s. Miami has turned it over 10 times and looked out of sorts and physically weak too many times.

Yet, they lead 27-26 at half. But another 20 minutes of that effort won’t lead to good things.

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Looks like Adam Redsuit is trying to rev up the small student section.


Did Bake just say he’s retiring as the voice of the RedHawks this spring?

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