Northwestern tickets

Any idea when tickets will be available for the Nortwestern game. Can’t order them on the Northwestern website. You have to fill out a questionnaire to be considered.

Might be worth reaching out to the Miami athletic department. By contract, northwestern is supposed to supply Miami with 5,000 tickets.

Doubt we will get that many since stadium holds less than 15,000. Surprising no announcement about tickets or any other activities planned since kickoff is 2 months away.

I called our ticket office today (7/10). They haven’t received any info from NU about ticket sales/availability. They expect something in next few weeks and will send an email. I know not super helpful, they sounded super frustrated as well.

I filled out the questionnaire a few months ago and also haven’t heard anything through that either.

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I don’t think Northwestern wants to supply tickets to visiting fans since the temp stadium is so small—especially Miami fans. The game is only 7 weeks away!

Then they shouldn’t have signed a contract that gave a fixed number of tickets to Miami


We should squeeze them for even more money if they can’t provide an acceptable amount of tickets


Give us a home and away for men’s hoops


That would be great. Miami got 4 hoops games (2 in O-town) when Notre Dame cancelled a 1997? football game. Obviously canceling different than this, but I’d be happy with this outcome.

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We have a contract for 5,000 seats. Is there any type of “force majeure” in the contract? If not, if our AD was any sort of a businessman, we should demand the entire 5,000 seats. Or demand a BIG payment in exchange for the release of X,000 tickets. It’s not our fault they decided to demolish their stadium after the contract was signed.


Looks like the cheapest tickets a Miami fan could procure on the open market is ~$200. So that BIG check would be for another $1M?


Why is the athletic dept keeping silent on this whole ticket situation? With our huge Chicago alumni base there have been no announcements regarding activities surrounding the game either. I’m guessing Northwestern has not been forthcoming regarding tickets.

Can’t help but question what is going on in the athletic dept sometimes.

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At the very, very least the ticket buying and traveling base needs to be kept up to date and informed. Those with even the smallest thought of attending will probably not decide the night before nor even the week nor month before when they are leaving and where they are staying. We retired people even need to know. Come on Miami, keep your base happy.


With all the late decisions by Northwestern I think this is probably more of a Northwestern issue than a Miami issue.


I will die on this hill but I still think trading a 1997 football game at Notre Dame that was going to be national televised with an overrated football team and a really good Miami team for 2 home basketball games vs a mediocre ND team was a bad trade

I think the attendance on those Nd games was good but nowhere close to a UC home game

The only thing is that road win in 1999 did help us make the ncaa - that is the best counter argument

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Also, didn’t the ND football game get replaced by a trip to #14 Virginia Tech, which Miami won? That upset got a good amount of coverage.

I’d say the ND football game only helps if Miami doesn’t get blown out…as good as Miami was, a blowout probably doesn’t happen.

You must be new around here. Our AD is not known for making decisions that are well thought out, or good…especially when it comes to ticketing.

We won’t need tickets. With Northwestern being this disorganized, they will never be ready for the MHT gate-crashing via an amphibious landing.


Combined assault would be better. 2, 500 Miami ticketholders from the sea, and 2,500 from the air…

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