NIU Week 2022

Can we play well enough at DeKalb to make the Ball State game meaningful, or have we thrown in our hand?

You already know….

If Ball State loses at Ohio and we win at NIU, it sets up a game between two 5-6 teams in Oxford at season’s end for the right to be bowl eligible. One team is potentially bowling and the other puts the pads away.

I’m guessing we should be big Cardinals fans in their game at Athens next week.


Offense is AWFUL. Can’t win when having the ball under 19 minutes

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It’s going to be very interesting to see who jumps into the Transfer Portal after our final game. Could be quite tell-tale.


How would you fix it at this point? Do you think it’s play calling?

I’d say we lose receivers, and DBs for sure. Good thing there are lots to choose from in portal.

Unbeaten the rest of the way! Book it!


Hopefully. No margin for error at all. One loss dooms the season to abject failure.


As opposed to semi-abject failure! :rofl:


There will be several to go. Not sure how many WRs leave. 2 spots will be open. You talk as if we can get equal or better talent from the portal. I think CM did exceptionally well in the portal this year but that certainly can’t be expected year over year. It may be a bigger challenge to get WRs based on the stat lines of this year’s guys and some real uncertainty about what the offense may look like moving forward.

Not to mention that programs with losing records aren’t generally attractive landing spots for transfers. At least for those with legit DI talent.

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Never said that. I don’t want any kids to leave. How’s, if they do. Portal it is.

Free college, great school, great campus and facilities. Safe ….Yeah, who would want that? Great players know they can make a difference.

Word! Bowser passed on us and ended up as a total stud at UCF.

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Mediocre offensive coaching

We can beat NIU…no guarantees of course and all bets are off if Gabbert is out.

BSU is probably a better team than us, but at home we should have a decent shot at beating them to semi-salvage our miserable season.

P.S. still need a new OC.


True story…our conversion stats are worse in the MAC, then overall.


That is generally what happens when defense knows you call a wide receiver screen 75% of the time on 3rd down


I’m not worried about NIU or Ball State - these are trophy games!