NIU game

“Billy Lewis” makes an appearance

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He’ll get a scholly yet.

I will take a one point lead


Honestly don’t know how we are within 10. Thank you Morgan!

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Ball really started getting moved. Short passes don’t force a defense to rotate. Started driving from one baseline and throwing it to the other and their defense couldn’t react. Similar issue we had on defense.

Billy Smith still getting a bit confused on rotations and it’s caused a foul or two on us.

This team fights back more than any Miami basketball team since Coach Coles. I could see previous teams completely folding.

Lairy back to driving it too deep into the trees. He’d stopped that for a few games.

He’s so fast he pulls defenders with him and we have open perimeter shooters. He has zero assists last game. He has four tonight. It’s no coincidence once he started dishing we started coming back. And it’s only going to help him get his points.

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I thought that was a pretty poor half, yet we’re up 1. The last 5 minutes were better, less dribbling, more ball movement on offense. At the other end, Coit and Thornton were contained. They were 8/14, the rest of NIU is 5/14 shooting.

I’d come out and dump it into Mirambeaux on the block the first 2-3 possessions. Not at the high post, not at the mid-post, on the block. If we’re going to run the high pick and roll, Lairy needs to distribute. They want him to drive and get surrounded by size. NIU prepped well making us dribble as much as possible, which resulted in bad shots and 8 turnovers. The last 5 minutes were better, but Safford bailed us out with some hot shooting. And let’s get a loose ball. We might’ve gotten 10% of the 50/50 balls.

Now we can’t shoot. No offensive rebounds.

Getting open looks but gone cold.

Really bad right now.

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Some shortcomings really being exposed.

We’re making this game incredibly harder than it should be. In the pack line system, that drive by Colt shouldn’t happen, there should be help on the weak side forcing a kick out. That hasn’t been there at all tonight, inexcusable for such a poor outside shooting team, Thornton and Coit excluded.

At the other end, Safford’s 3s were fools gold. Mirambeaux’s caught the ball on the block once this half, resulted in a back door cut for a layup. He shouldn’t be driving the ball from the foul line.

In retrospect “Fools Gold” would have been a perfect name for Jack Owens offense.

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That possession was much better, Lewis and Safford driving off screens hard into the lane, Mirambeaux planted on the block for a layup. They haven’t stopped Lewis and Safford probing into the lane as long as they don’t settle for kicking the ball out.

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Even though Smith was way off on the 3, that was good offense. Lewis getting into the lane with ease and making a good decision, though I wish he’d be more selfish and take the floater.


There is no reason to guard their point men in the zone 28 feet from the basket. Not smart.

I feel like NIU has gotten 85% of the 50/50 balls tonight. Very disappointing.

Their point men are a combined 6-10 from 3. It’s exactly why you aren’t trying to force the kick to them.

Not 28 feet away! Thornton is standing closer to the bench. On that last play, he had the ball on the M, got a screen, so double whammy, he comes off the screen and could’ve been open for the shot and drew someone out of their zone, leading to a layup chance.

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