NIU game

Keyshawn Williams, NIU’s best player, was out for an injury Saturday vs Toledo. No idea if he will be back tomorrow.

He is out for season reports are that he tore his ACL

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They were not very good to begin with. Sorry to hear about his injury, but this is just one more reason we should win this game.

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Fun fact - NIU has players from Japan, Columbia, Switzerland, Nigeria and Lithuania.

And Newark, NJ.


Never wish potential career ending injuries on anyone. Here’s hoping he gets a full recovery and is back next year.

Is that a transfer from Columbia University, or is he from Colombia in South America? :wink:

(Sorry, my grandfather was from Colombia, so I kinda had to say something.)

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Quite a feat of coaching for the NIU staff to convince college-bound players from across the globe to leave the comfort of home for the not-so-bucolic land of Dekalb, Illinois.

So nobody here, as expected. I really hope Mr. PA Announcer doesnt tell me to stand up until the first Miami basket.

Sit tonight out my man.

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Harrison not dressed. Don’t see Etzler.

NIU moving the ball like Miami would like to.

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please get Jaquel Morris’ name correct.

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Have we received an official update on Etzler?

I haven’t seen anything. He was retweeting Miami basketball yesterday

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So late on 3 point shots. And they can’t miss.

I haven’t seen this much, but the paint is an offensive black hole for us. Mirambeaux always takes it (except when he’s turned it over trying to pass it deeper). Smith and Mabrey missed open shooters for an inside out pass each time they got deep.

They are 5-12? Guess that means they’ll cool off eventually.

No kidding. They’re so active, Miami can’t sniff an open shot.

This is not ideal

We need Lairy to move the ball and facilitate. He really hasn’t done that tonight or in any of our losses in conference.


Agreed Jive. He has the handles and quickness to set things up, but has been going to the rim and getting it blocked a lot this year. I don’t remember that being the case in years past.

That being said, oftentimes we’re playing a wing or two with limited handles, so it makes sense that he’s trying to do to much.