Nicholson Lou Groza Finalist (vote!)

I know it’s mentioned in another, but deserves its own thread. Vote vote vote! Not sure if a fan vote counts for even 1 vote, but let’s show him we support him!


It counts for 1 vote. Really shouldn’t sway anything but it would be nice to at least bump his percentage as high as possible.


Graham has a big early lead. Vote early and often.

Holy crap. Graham is leading the fan vote 157-47-35.

I voted…will the poll allow you to vote multiple times? Guessing not.

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Once per day.

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Looking good! It only lets you vote once a day. The message: Vote every day!

I shared the link on my Facebook page.

the lead continues…



I just voted for him also…

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This is quite a poorly developed website. Well, in case you want to vote on behalf of a single family member (I guess this is not cheating!), you can do so by having a different IP address. For example, vote once from your home internet connection and once from your cell phone connected to 4G/5G.

For the more technically inclined, you can download a browser called Brave, click on “create a new private window with tor” and vote literally any number of times you want by repeating this process.

For the hardcore tech folks (Jive), one can automate the above process and let your computer vote any number of times.

I hope the other players/schools don’t figure this out.


Well said, Prof. I have used Brave for several years and am very happy with it.

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No surprise…Bama boy is gaining.

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Just voted for the 2nd day.

I wonder if Jive couldn’t build an array of computers to vote alll night. If there was still a computer lab maybe? My biz partner used this distributed computing approach to mine crypto in the early days.

Some updates and findings.

I wrote a short script yesterday during the MBB game to see how hard it would be to do what I said. I left it running for a while, and I was able to cast a new vote about every 10 seconds.

The funny thing is, after running the script for a while, I noticed that the rate of change in vote numbers for the Alabama kid started to become very similar to Nicholson’s. See the second and third values inside square brackets after Votes (starting at 1,035 and 440) in the figure below. Note how they increase at similar rates (it is not always perfect like that, though). The bottom line is, I have quite strong evidence that the Alabama kid is being favored by script voting.

So, I left my machine running overnight to see the limits of such an approach. Even though I mentioned before that such automated voting can result in an unlimited number of votes, the truth is that that number is only around 700 to 1000 daily because of a limited pool of IP addresses.

I reached that limit overnight, but the Alabama folks are still somehow adding a new vote every 10 seconds on average :frowning:

@JiveHawk I am not sure if my posts are crossing a line or are irrelevant. Please delete them if they are.


I very much appreciate your post (for what it’s worth) as Ifound it fascinating.


9:45 am on Wednesday…