NHL Coyotes to move to Salt Lake City?

This was a surprise, provided it holds true




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“And now taking the ice, your Salt Lake Stormin Mormons!”

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The greatest misnomer in professional sports has to be the Utah Jazz.


Fun fact. Noted racist Henry Ford hated Jazz music and funded a nationwide push for square dancing as a wholesome alternative.

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Memphis Grizzlies is pretty silly too.

HF boards has been talking about this for a while. I spend way too much time lurking there because there’s so much good information out the business of hockey.

Bettman meeting with Ryan Smith, owner of Utah Jazz and Real Salt Lake (upd: Smith asks NHL to open expansion process) | HFBoards - NHL Message Board and Forum for National Hockey League

Houston and Atlanta (don’t laugh) have been rumored as expansion possibilities in the near future as well, and they provide the proposals/ownership groups/etc. to back up their claims.

Would still like to see a team back in Quebec City but I don’t think it’s ever going to happen.

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The Utah Jazz and the Memphis Grizzlies inherited their nicknames from their former cities, the New Orleans Jazz and Vancouver Grizzlies, where their nicknames made sense.

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Truth. My dear friend and fellow church-mate from Seattle, Don Poier, was the play-by-play guy for both the Vancouver and Memphis Grizzlies. Don dropped dead of a heart attack in a hotel room in Denver one day on a Grizzlies road trip.

Meet: “The Salt Lake Coyotes” ??

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That works!

Don’t forget about the Lakers (Minnesota) and Clippers (San Diego).

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Calgary Flames :fire:

How about Rochester,NY NBA Royals… Then Cinti Royals… Then KC Kings… Then Sacramento Kings?

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Not even the worst misnomer of a professional sports team in Utah when “Real Salt Lake” exists.

It’s done, and not a relocation but as a hybrid expansion. So the Utah Coyotes are now technically the 33rd NHL team, as Phoenix goes dormant and will be granted an expansion team if it has a suitable rink ready to go in five years.

Since Ryan Smith’s group bought the team I said they should be called the Smiths, which covers the ownership and the Mormon founder. :grin:


I had toyed with the notion that like the Kraken, they could have an aquatic creature as their mascot because the great salt lake is right there. I wondered if “The Mermen” would be the way. With Mermaids as cheerleaders. But I think your idea is odder. Book it!

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New NHL team will be called ‘Utah Something’

Just for laughs, take Smith’s explanation of moving methodically regarding the branding and go with it. Call the team the Utah Something.