New Hot Seat article on The Athletic

For anyone with a subscription, take a look at Bruce Feldman’s new article on Hot Seat Season. The only MAC coach listed is Loeffler. I asked why CM isn’t on the list and it’s triggered a few comments. Go to the article and scroll down to comments until you find my comments and the reactions.

Not an Athletic subscriber, but I assume the comments were “best MAC record and operating with backup QB” ?

Not exactly - more like why isn’t there a For Sale sign in CM’s front yard already.

Ha…surprising, actually.

Not to many of Miami’s fans and other more casual observers.

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=>CM IS NOT ON THE HOT SEAT! Silliness to think so.

OC Koehler is on the hot seat tho…


Come on, man!

If he’s not he should be. He just got beat by the MAC’s designated Hot Seat owner. The only reason he’s not is because the element is broken in Miami’s seat warmer.


Before even discussing this you ought to find out the buy out cost and then find some way to fund it… Otherwise all you are doing is undermining the current coach and staff who are likely to be here for quite awhile. We currently have 3 consecutive winning seasons which include a MAC championship and a bowl game win ( people have been comparing this negatively to the good run Randy Walker had at Miami, but a sticking point for him and our fans was no MAC championships and no bowl appearances). Chuck is far from a total failure some posters are making him out to be.


1, maybe 2 of the 4 outside comments sounded like some of the posters on here, so not a big deal. You buried the lead in that you started with “Miami of Ohio”, interesting choice there. And you also conveniently left out the part that while we were the co-favorites in the East, that assumed we’d have our all-MAC starting QB.

And you missed that Tim Lester was included as well. His seat should be hotter. He got handed the momentum from the Cotton Bowl appearance and they haven’t won a MAC Championship since.

But way to go, you got 4 people to comment in the comments section!

OK Dick…fair game to note that Randy had no MAC champions but as you know he beat multiple (ranked) P5 squads and with today’s bowl proliferation, his W-L records would have had Miami bowling numerous times. (7 of 9 years in all likelihood)

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The comparison to Walker’s achievement is laughable, Dick. Walker had two 8-3 seasons and one 10 win season. He beat three nationally ranked P5 teams on the road - Northwestern, UNC and Virginia Tech. His ‘98 team went 10-1 with wins at Chapel Hill and West Point. The Vegas Bowl decided to invite the Tar Heels instead of us. There were only about 20 bowl games at the time. The MAC had no divisions and only one or two of those bowl commitments, not the 4-6 we have now. Walker was a hot commodity on the coaching carousel and got hired away by a B1G program.

Your three winning seasons in a row for Martin include one 8-6 season, one 2-1 and one 7-6. Miami is 1-2 in the bowls Martin has taken the team to.

After almost nine years, I think it is safe to say Chuck is no Frank Solich or even a PJ Fleck or Matt Campbell. If you’re happy with .500 mediocrity in the worst division in the FBS, enjoy it.

I’m not nearly as close to the personalities in the University’s athletics department as you are. If I were, perhaps I’d be more sympathetic.

But I’m not undermining the long-term health of the program, as you accuse me of. This coaching staff is doing that all by itself.

I wish I was wrong. I want nothing more than consistent 8 or 10 wins success in this wretched conference. But I don’t see it happening under this regime. I doubt many other schools would be as patient as we’ve been.

Hovering around .500 does not meet most programs’ definition of success. It shouldn’t meet Miami’s.


I think you meant to address your comment to me. As I have maintained since I bought the button in the Shriver Book Store in 1969, I will always refer to us as Miami of Ohio whenever I choose to. I still have the damned button - its Red and White and it says MIAMI OF OHIO and Miami University sold it to me.

I am fully aware of the campaign the late Doug Wilson - a personal friend - led to cast aspersions on the use of “of Ohio.” It had been a personal “pet peeve” of his late father, former provost Charles Wilson and Doug lobbied hard to get the term relegated to socially unacceptable language.

But Doug didn’t live 2,500 miles from campus during the Hurricanes reign of terror like I did. We were winning back then, too, and the state distinction is how most people sorted out who the Hell anyone was talking about.

That said, Lester absolutely belongs on the Hot Seat.

And i mentioned the loss of Brett in that Chuck had no experienced backup and had taken no steps to secure a backup with experience through the portal. He knew AJ was gone since November.

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We are a disgruntled and grumpy group. Give us 8-10 wins and some consistency and I think we’d all be clinking beers. Regardless what I think of the current coaching situation, I hope we wallop Western Michigan and somehow miraculously show a heartbeat to close of season. I am concerned though about morale.


After living far from Ohio most of my post-Miami days, I too have grown accustomed to folks referring to us as Miami of Ohio, and take no particular umbrage at it anymore. Many folks have asked me how we got that name, which always allows me to explain our official name is Miami University and how we pre-date that school down in Coral Gables.


Cincy - There have been several instances in the past year or so where members of our own coaching staffs were pictured wearing officially licensed Adidas shirts that read Miami of Ohio. Insisting we can’t be referred to as that is as stupid as Mississippi rejecting Ole Miss, Missouri banning Mizzou and California outlawing any reference to Cal. Pittsburgh tried to kill Pitt a few years ago and Washington State tried to ban WAZZU. Neither institution met with success snd both have quietly retreated from those positions.


No problem with the “Miami Of Ohio” reference, especially outside of Ohio.

I’m from Pennsylvania, and spend a fair amount of time there, Arizona, and Texas.

Everyone (or mostly) refers to us and recognizes us at Miami Of Ohio. I like it.

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Never liked it, never use it, correct others when they do. Now, get off my lawn.


I bet that makes you - and us - really popular with those others. The whole policy contrived in the 90s is Total BS!

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Actually it does. People seem to appreciate the little history lesson. The only person I’ve ever encountered who took offense was a Miami of Florida grad, who seemed too dumb to even understand the history of her alma mater.

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Strange…as Miami {of Florida} is a significantly more selective and prestigious academic school compared to Miami U, etc, granted research-based mission…maybe that individual actually did not go to the U, as typically would not associate ‘dumb’ with grads of that university.

Nothing wrong with MofO…looks catchy on a Tee as well…

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