N Dakota in Oxford at Goggin Fri and Sat.1/27,1/28/23

#8 vs #7 in the NCHC.

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Tough for a team that has scored 1 total goal in the last 4 games.

Miami did split with North Dakota in Grand Forks back in November.

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We’ve got them right where we want them!

Will the Miami Students show up?

CBS Sports tv 7:30 puck drop Friday night

Miami down 2-0 at the 7:30 minute mark of the first. Can’t generate any offense - no control of the puck in the offensive zone at all. Pierson gave up a PP goal early and a full strength goal at 7:40.

I’m not a hockey expert but man they look bad. The two power plays couldn’t even really get a shot on goal


3-0 at the 17:05 mark of the second. Starman is being nice to us. We look bad.

What happened to this program?

WMU is another “MAC” school that came with us from the CCHA. How have they been and to find success in this conference? Is recruiting easier because Michigan is a “hockey state”?

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We are just not competitive in the NCHC, and haven’t been for years.

I feel for the students and fans. We all know how we complain for attendance for football and basketball, but looking in TV, New Gogging looks like almost like a full house, like our “glory days” in the mid 2000s. How long can they take of the loosing before they decide not to attend?

Goggin’s capacity is only 3,600, so not too difficult to fill up. Though hoops has only had a handful of crowds crack 3K recently…

I don’t follow hockey, but this “full house” thing never really syncs with what I see on TV.

Yes I know seating capacity can reach up to about 3,700 (I think with standing room), and it’s a lot smaller than football and basketball, but it’s by far our most popular sport (in terms of student attendance). I remember there would be people who were miami students who were Ohio State fans, but would be die hard Miami hockey fans


This isn’t a bad NCHC team. This is a bad team period. They’re getting blown out on their home ice by the second worst team in the conference and they got outscored 20-1 over the two weekends before this. How many teams in the country, regardless of conference, do worse than this?


Congrats to Abilene Christian on winning the 2020 hockey national championship.

Do whut?

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4-0. ND just skated end-to-end past us like we are cones! Geez! We’ve given up a goal in the first 2:30 in every period!

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