Monitoring the Miami Transfer Portal

I’d have loved to be an “indentured servant”

Feth visiting Iowa this weekend. Martin and coaches can certainly recruit and develop talent


That’s why I think we will always have good players wanting to come here. Since he’s been in Oxford, we’ve had like 7 players appear on active NFL rosters with several others on the practice squad. That’s pretty impressive and proof others see it. Not to mention all the good talent being poached.


We have definitely had the talent to win 8-9 games a year. We just have bad coaching with awful game management skills and no ability to make adjustments. So we scratch and claw to win 6 games.


I don’t think so. Plenty of MAC teams have had more NFL players than we have had under Chuck.


Maybe but you’re forgetting how it was before he arrived. He’s absolutely improved things.

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He improved things from 2 1/2 mostly dismal Treadwell years to .500 mediocrity over nine years. I don’t see a change in trajectory coming anytime soon.


I hope we don’t lose anymore guys to the portal. Feth is a huge loss. I wouldn’t be surprised if some others follow him. We can’t afford to lose anyone on defense.

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We didn’t run the ball effectively with Schaffer and Feth. Maybe it’s not such a great loss. Prove me wrong.

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Given that Schaeffer was picked up by Oklahoma and Feth has numerous P5 offers already, I would venture to say the issue wasn’t with them.


We didn’t run the ball because every team knew we couldn’t pass it. Pretty simple

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I really believe it is not that simple.



Some real idiot fans on here.

Feth and Schafer are enormous losses.

Pace, Butler and Phelps were enormous losses last year.

Compare 2021 vs. 2022 team defense.

Nary a difference in team stats. If anything we were better on creating turnovers.

Yes, with those guys back we might have been even better.

However, poor defense did not hold us back in 2022. It was the offense in which we had almost every starter back. Injuries explain part of it. However, nowhere near all of it.

Nest man up!