Monitoring Other Games - Weekend 4 (Del State week)

Air Force offense was suffocating during the second half of their game at San Jose. Tied 17 all at halftime, the Cadets turned the Spartans into a rat in a Python in the second half. The took the kickoff and scored on a 10 minute drive. They kicked off and held SJ To a three and out. The took over, took the punt and drove to a score using the remaining 4:10. SJ had the ball 50 seconds in the third quarter and that absolutely gassed them. At the end, AF won 45-20 and had an 18 minute advantage in time of possession. They dominate the A&B gaps and run three backs out on the boundary. Crazy. They’re 4-0.

Purdue already lost. Tough being a Boilers fan.


Their defense is horrible this year. It’s usually not good, but this year, it’s REALLY bad. I think QBs have scored 6 TDs on them in the last two games.

That strange play late that was ruled a fumble recovery killed their chance of a comeback. Hudson is good but he Carrie’s the ball in one hand like a loaf of bread. It’s going to bite the Boilers sometime.

The Virginia - NC State game was strange. First off, Kam Butler was injured late in the first half and I don’t think he returned. The announcers talked about how good he had been at Miami before transferring to UVA to attend grad school.

The fourth quarter made you wonder if UVA athletes are truly as smart as they claim to be. Late hits, a hit out of bounds, a stupid, unprovoked personal foul following the potential tying TD with 45 seconds left when they knew they needed the 2 point conversion.

Then an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on their Freshman QB after he converted the 18 yard two pointer for taking off his helmet and gloating - giving the Pack a short field to get into position for a winning FG…

And finally a penalty on the defense for leaping to block the first try at the 47 yard FG attempt. The subsequent chip shot attempt was a winner for NC State.

Critical errors - all mental - in the fourth quarter of a close game.

That is what happens when Kam Butler gets hurt and misses the rest of the game.

In all seriousness, hopefully it’s not a major injury.

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I think Kam already has a Masters Degree from UVA. His photo on his X feed shows him in a Miami uniform playing at Iowa.

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I watched that game…once AF got into a groove…it was brutal to watch…

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Another thing I’ve noticed watching games last weekend and this weekend is the sideline to sideline plays have been largely useless; either losing yards, or getting very little positive yardage.

I love watching UC lose.


Toledo down 24-14 at halftime against WMU at home, how the hell do you get your ass kicked by a team that just gave up 40+ points to Iowa?

Ball State down 20-0 to Georgia Southern, not too surprising though. Red Bird Rivalry might not have much drama this year.

Michigan State has folded their tent.

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40-0 GA Southern over Ball State now…does Nate Davis still have eligibility?

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Colorado is not looking like a primetime team today.


I see what you did there.

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Ohio up 31-0 on BG at the half.

UMass trailing 28-14 at home against UNM at halftime.

Ole Miss seems to have disappeared at Halftime.

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BYU too. Although similar to their game vs the Hogs last week

EMU getting shutout by Jacksonville State. Didd JSU go D1? I thought Eastern was supposed to be decent

Most of the MAC teams losing in OOC games today.