Monitoring other Games - Week 7

Three games Tuesday night - two CUSA and one Fun Belt. Coastal at App State is probably the Marquee. Full house in Boone…

We should be rooting for Jak State to upset Liberty.

Coastal -App State Game: I would have taken the TD and played defense for 52 seconds. Wow! What a gamble by Tim Beck. It worked out. Kid hit the walk off FG and Coastal won 27-24. App is jinxed this season.

Agree… .FG’s can always be muffed.

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And he had just decided not to try a short FG on the last series and went for it unsuccessfully on 4th and 2 because of concerns about their kicking game.

Wednesday night: UTEP 2-5 upsets FIU 3-4 in first CUSA midweek game. NMSU 4-3 over winless Sam Houston 0-6.

Former RedHawk DB Mekhi Miller playing for the Aggies.

My Oh My! The ending of the WVU vs Houston game was a classic! Unbelievable!

Unbelievable is right! My bro in law is a WVU grad and he texted me in shock!

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Everyone ought to watch the last 6 minutes.

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As I mentioned in my response to Dick’s other thread on this game, don’t forget the 15 yard penalty on WVU for celebration after their incredible 50 yard TD a few seconds earlier… probably made the difference in allowing Houston a chance at winning.

Maybe I missed it but I didn’t see a replay of what caused the celebration penalty…sure hope it was warranted.

Two linebackers trailing the play did no good. Should have had dbs in there.

Excessive celebration penalty was for taking their helmets off

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Fresno trailing by 7 at Utah State early in the second quarter.

There’s a state senator who’s so mad about the Ohio St game being on Peacock this week that he’s talking about introducing a bill that would make it illegal for public universities in Ohio to air games exclusively on paid streaming services. He is apparently unaware of the existence of the six MAC schools and our current media deal.

Colorado had a 29-0 lead over Stanford at halftime. The Cardinal just won the game by a score of 46-43 in 2OT. It’s Stanford’s largest comeback in program history.

Fresno pulls out the victory in exciting game vs. Utah State.

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I’m curious to see how that experiment at Colorado plays out

I would predict they are going to be great in a few years. I think Deon is going to be winning most of the recruiting battles. They are going to have rosters like Alabama or Ohio State.

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I would predict his coordinators are looking for jobs at the end of this season. Especially if they don’t go bowling. If he can turn over all the kids, no coach should expect any less.


I’m not sure Deion will be sticking around Colorado for too long. I feel that if he gets them to double digit wins and a NY6 bowl in the next couple of years, he’ll bolt for brighter lights. He’ll have every AD calling him if the head coaching gig is suddenly available.

That said, right now Colorado’s defense is absolutely atrocious. A Stanford WR set the school record for receiving yards in a single game… and he didn’t record his first catch until the second half. He finished with 13 catches for 294 yards and 3 TDs (97 yards, 60 yards, 30 yards).

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I can’t decide if he’s an immature adult posing as a coaching genius, or a well-sounded coach who can build a good staff. Lucky for him I guess, is that Big 12 is going to be Big Mediocre next season…