Monitoring other games Week 6 - Bowling Green Week

Conference USA started its October version of MACtion this week with Wednesday and Thursday games. Watching WKU and LA Tech going at it in the fourth quarter at 11 pm on Thursday night. WKU won 35-28 after leading 35-7 at the half.

Tyre Shelton finished with 118 yards on 21 carries with two TD. He transferred to LA Tech to be the featured back instead of just being part of Chuck’s running back rotation.

So far, it’s paid off for him.

Drew Carter - the Herbstreit sound alike - was on the play by play with Dustin Fox.

Tonight’s first game was awesome.

Winless Sam Houston had a fourth and goal at the 3 with 7 seconds left. They threw incomplete in the end zone and Liberty held on to stay undefeated 21-16.

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I was flipping around last night, and caught the last 10 minutes or so of that Sam Houston-Liberty game. What an absolute heartbreaker for those SH boys. This was after coming up short to Jacksonville St in overtime last week, so they’re 0-5 now.

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Watching Miami’s next two opponents right now on TV. Western training Mississippi State 10-0
I’m the second on SEC. Toledo leading UMass 10-7 in the second period on ESPNU.

Toledo continues to give up big gain plays to UMess, and now lead 17-14 as after UMess gets a 71 yard TD pass (earlier had 47 yard TD run).

Western now down 17-zip.

Toledo now trailing UMass. Are we sure they’re actually good?

Why does UMass keep getting national TV coverage?

Haven’t you ever heard of the Mass media? :grinning:


WMU scores to make it 17-7 Miss State at the half.

Heard of it? I’m part of the dang thing. :joy:

(Literally and figuratively)


LSU’s defense getting torched by Missouri after their humiliation against Ole Miss last week. Brian Kelly looking for a new DC after the season?

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Western switched to their #2 QB Wolff in the second quarter. He’s 16/21 for 158 yards and 2 TD. I bet we see him instead of Jack Salopek next week in Kazoo.

Toledo now up 41-24. Finn is certainly not a terrific pssser.

The Marshall-NC State game is crazy! It’s on CW of all places.

Surprised to see Buffalo blowing out the Chips.


Big surprise. MAC is so unpredictable.

Final score - NC State 48 Marshall 41

Nicely done, Wolfpack.


Excellent showing by WMU at Miss State today - lost 41-28. Had a chance to get it to one score late.

We’ll get another MAC team coming off a P5 road game. Doesn’t hurt IMO


What is with this gigantic fucking white banner they are holding up on the Georgia sideline? How does ESPN allow them to do that?