Miami women at Ohio Wednesday at 7:00 on ESPN3

Miami is 8-19 ( 4-14). Ohio is 14-12 ( 8-9) . OU probably has to win their last 2 games to get to Cleveland. They were the preseason pick to win the MAC, so this season has been a big disappointment for them. Miami beat them in Oxford 63-60, my favorite win of the year. Katie Davidson, who has fallen off production wise a great deal this year, had her best game of the year with 17/9. OU did everything to shut down Peyton Scott in that game and held her to 15, but other girls took advantage of openings that defensive plan gave them. Ohio probably needs to win their final two games to make it to Cleveland, so this is big for them.

MAC standings
UT 17-1
UB 14-4
AU 12-6
NIU 10-8
BS 9-8
KS 9-9
WM 9-9
BG 9-9
OU 8-9
MU 4-14
EMU 4-14
CM 2-14

OU had their SR. Day on Saturday, but this is their final home game. And that means the final home game for CeCe Hooks, the all time MAC leader in both point scored and steals. Certainly one of the greatest MAC players ever, she had 35 points Saturday and is averaging over 23 ppg this year. Gabby Burris is also a 4 year starter playing her final game, and they also have Erica Johnson ( first team all MAC last year, averaging 16ppg this year) a 4 year starter but a RS JR.

I see that Toledo is #29 in the AP rankings this week. Their RPI is #41 and NET is #61. Buffalo is #50 in RPI and #75 in NET. Miami is #214 in NET, #281 in RPI.

17-7 Ohio halfway through the first period. We seem to have no answer at either end so far. Hooks with 9 points in the first 5 minutes.

24-18 OU at the end of one.

Hooks is 5 for 6 for 11 points. Peyton Scott is 3 for 3, all jumpers, for 6 points and also is the leading rebounder in the game with 3.

29-24 at the 5 and under TO. We have 8 turnovers, mostly unforced. Hooks with 14 points for Ohio.

I think they look pretty good tonight.

I think Ivy Wolf, assuming she doesn’t leave is going to be a career leader before she’s done.

And I don’t want to be too critical, but I don’t see much value to Duckett’s game.

For some reason Hendrix thinks everyone has to play. Sidney Watkins on Hooks is not a good matchup. Nobody is stopping Hooks but Watkins got abused.

37-35 Ohio at the half. Peyton Scott had a driving 3 point play to give us a one point lead, but Erica Johnson hit a 3, the only one for either team in the second quarter. We turned it over trying to go for the last shot.

CeCe hooks has 17 points and 2 fouls. For Miami Peyton Scott has 14 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 turnovers.

Miami has 11 turnovers, at least half of them trying to throw the ball into our post players, who have only 2 points between them. So why do we keep forcing it in there? Team stats are all about equal, except for turnovers.


A question we have been asking all season. Our post players can’t move, catch or shoot.

And an absolutely stupid turnover and layup to start the half. Early TO Miami, down 4.

Hooks. Every time I hear that name I think of Police Academy.

Halfway through the 3rd it is 44-41 Ohio. It has gotten physical with little being called. We had one possession where we had 4 straight missed layups in about 4 seconds, two by Scott and 2 by Duckett. Hooks has 19 points and 3 fouls.

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53-47 at the end of 3.

60-51 Ohio, TO Miami. Scott got a technical, after not getting a foul call when she ended up on her back after hitting a short jumper. I don’t know if she said something or it was body language.

71-61 Ohio with 1:25 to go. This is the 5 and under TO and it only happened because their shot clock failed to work again.