Miami women at Ohio Wednesday at 7:00 on ESPN3

73-64 final. “The refs called less than usual” would be an understatement. Our lack of organization and awareness is a constantly annoying. Not having anyone back and giving up a layup. The horrible lack of awareness on the inbounds play to start the half, and that goes for coaches and players. Just totally stupid stuff. At the end of the third quarter we got the ball with 28 seconds to go and I could see our coach signalling one shot, yet we went in and shot the ball and then got a long rebound with 14 seconds to go and shot the ball again and ended up giving them the last shot. Our coach never yells and the players can’t be watching the bench all the time, but come on, the girls are college students who have played the game all their lives. THINK!!! I am so tired of watching stupidity.

Our post players were truly terrible offensively. We must have lost 15-20 possessions trying to get the ball to them and got one bucket out of them all night. Still, the other players were pretty good again tonight, and Scott and Wolf are as good or better than any other team in the MAC’s top 2 perimeter players. However, you cannot win with this kind of post play, and we won’t win again next year either if something is not done about that situation.


Scott played 39 minutes and Wolf 38 minutes, it is about time that happens. They are too good to take out, barring deep foul trouble. Peyton has 23 points, 10 rebounds,5 turnovers. Wolf had 16 points 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 to’s, 3 steals. Maddie Cluse has been back to normal the last 2 games, and she had 12 and 3 tonight. Jada Duckett managed 5 turnovers in 8 minutes of action and she was just as horrible Saturday vs BG. Freeman is the only post player who does not just get badly outplayed. Battle continues her recent decline in production. I don’t think she is worn down, I just think that the second time around the opposition knows they have to stop her driving and they do and she does not have any other options. She has the physical strength and athleticism to be able to learn a pull up jumper off the dribble from 8 to 15 feet like Wolf and Scott. If she does that, she will have a nice career.

Dick: Hopefully your insights are read and thought about by Miami’s AD who has the power to make the necessary changes. In the post-game coach’s interviews, (which seem far too brief and all the same) I see nothing that suggests the coach actually knows what the problems are…which is very troubling because if you cannot acknowledge a problem, you will not and cannot not fix it.
It also appears likely from your comments that Miami does very little scouting of its opponents while Miami’s opponents do scout their opponents. Is that because Miami is short one assistant coach? Or is it something worse; i.e., that Miami doesn’t care to scout opponents.
Making “stupid mistakes” repeatedly is also another indicator that the coach either does not see what you see or, if she sees them, does not correct them…or doesn’t care to try

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Excellent if deeply troubling analysis, Dick.

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The announcers kept saying our coach always says the team is young and says they are getting better and better with every practice and game. If that’s the case, then they are teaching/repeating all the sins Dick alludes to in his posts.

You can watch Coach Hendrix on the Miami Redhawks YouTube channel, both her summary of the latest game and her weekly update. Same cliche coach speak every time and it doesn’t help that she’s being interviewed by an athletic department staffer who is her colleague.

The things @DICK outlined above are things we have been talking about all season. The players are never held accountable for their mistakes or poor judgment. If one of Megan Duffy’s players made an egregious mistake she would be yanked immediately and Coach Duffy would, depending on the player, calmly explain the problem or chew her out. Rarely were mistakes repeated. Duffy wasn’t interested in being the player’s friend, she wanted to win. Look where that got her.

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…and look where Miami BB is today. Duffy clearly showed the best attributes to being a successful coach.

We may be getting better as the year goes on, but every team should get better by the end of the season. Compared to our competition, we have obviously gotten worse as the season has moved along. We played a tough non league schedule and went 4 and 5 against it. We played 3 power conference teams on the road ( Purdue and IIIinois from the Big Ten, Xavier from the Big East) , then we played 3 Missouri Valley Conference teams, plus Eastern, Western, and Northern Kentucky. All D-1 teams, 4 out of the 5 on the road. We went 4-5 and the losses were mostly close, by 2, 6, 7, 11, and 17. Then we started MAC play 2-2 with wins over Ohio and Northern Illinois. So we were 6-7. Since then we are 2-12, with our 12 losses averaging losing by 13.25 points.

Coach Hendrix is delusional if she thinks that is getting better. But she keeps saying it. They probably are getting better, just not as much as our competition. She accepts failure. Coach Hendrix is very pleasant and positive, which are good attributes, but leadership requires a lot more toughness than that. Criticism, correction, and accountability are part of her job and need to be balanced with the positive, pleasant attitude. She has no accountability with her team, they make and repeat the same mistakes all the time. David Saylor is in a tough spot with the economic situation of athletics, but he is not holding her accountable if he doesn’t at a minimum demand her to change or fire her if it is affordable. So if the players are not held accountable and corrected and if the coach is not held accountable and corrected, then we will continue to fail and underachieve.


Things certainly aren’t good. Still cannot understand not filling the assistant coach spot. Still concerned about the quality of our transfer players…they aren’t good enough to get on the floor for a 8-19 team…why bring them in if they can’t play? Unfortunately we may see some significant transfers out of the program ( can’t blame them ); being nice is great, have quality people is great, but #1 in the job description is to win games -

Winning is job 1…at most schools…a few schools (not named to protect them) may think otherwise.

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