Miami women at Oakland Thursday night

7:00 on ESPN+. Miami has only one win against a very tough non league schedule. Oakland is 4-5, 2-1 vs MAC teams. They won at Akron in OT and at home over CMU after being down 20. They also lost a home game to defending MAC champ Toledo by 13. They did lose at Michigan by 41, we played Michigan tough until the final 8 minutes. Last year we lost to Oakland 82- 74 in Oxford. 5-10 forward Alexis Johnson had 25 points.

One big concern I would have in this game is that Oakland is an athletic full court pressing team who is forcing 24 turnovers per game. That has been a weak point for us all year. Coach Box says we handled pressure better against Michigan last week; this will be a test to see how much progress we have made vs pressure.

A weak point all year? I think I read about our turnovers in my Western Civ book. I put the turnovers problem in my lesson plan when I was teaching history and mentioned them while addressing staff meetings while I was a principal.

Yeah, teams have been pressing all year. The scouting report is press full court all the time. Probably the only real answer is to recruit better players, but I know they have been spending lots of time on it. The only girl in our rotation from last year is on the dl with a knee injury. We are starting all 4 freshmen that are on the roster.

My point being that Miami women’s basketball has , regardless of coach, experience, skill, have historically turned the ball over in a variety of ways at an alarming rate.

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Yep, with the exception of the two years Duffy was here.

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An exception for certain, but it does seem to indicate that turnovers can be made more acceptable. It took her awhile if I remember correctly.

Question regarding Duffy and the ballhandling duties during her tenure…did she (Duffy) come in as head coach and have the gift of Dickerson at point her 2 years here? And did Lauren go on and play ball after Miami and has she been inducted into HOF by now?

She also had Leah Purvis who is playing pro ball in Israel and Abby Hoff who played pro ball in Norway last year and Germany this year and likely a pro team in Spain soon.

She did have Lauren in her sophomore and junior years. However, that did not seem to help the coaches that much during her freshman and senior seasons. I don’t think Lauren has been inducted into the Hall of Fame yet, but this is just the 4th season since she graduated, we probably have a rule that you have to wait a certain number of years. I do not know if she is playing anywhere since graduation.

Looks like she’s put her Miami degree to use by starting her own graphic design company.

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Miami is up 9 to 8 after the first quarter. We are turning it over a lot, but Oakland is shooting less than 20%. Amber Tretter had our first 6 points And Hennessy- Lu Brown hit a 3.

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We got up 16 to12 with a little over 4 minutes to go in the half. They were shooting 13%. Unfortunately, they started hitting some shots and lead 25 to 22 at the half. The Scott twins have been unable to get going and we have 12 turnovers. Amber Tretter has kept us in the game with a double double at the half, 12 points and 10 rebounds.

We came out playing well and scored the first 6 points of the second half. We are up33-30 halfway through the third quarter.

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We had a 5 point lead with 2 minutes to go in the third quarter, but fouls and turnovers and it is tied38-38 at the end of 3. Tretter, Jayden Scott, and Juyio all have 3 fouls. Tretter has 19 and 13.

Oakland started the fourth quarter with a quick 6-0 run. With 4:21 left, we are down 4 points.

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Lard with the three to tie with 12 seconds left and then good defense.

We were down 6 with 23 seconds to go.There were 5 timeouts in the last 23 seconds . To make it short, we ran an out of bounds play and Maddy Huhn hit a 3. Lu- Brown stole the ball and. Cori Lard hit a3 to tie it up. Oakland missed the last shot OT!

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Edwards with the 3. 22.9 to go, up 1 with the ball.

Huhn makes 1 of 2 at the line. Up 2 with 22.9 to go.

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