Miami vs. Toledo

Let me start a basketball thread:

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The series is tied at 68 apiece but we’ve lost an eye-popping 19 in a row to the Rockets. A Miami upset win today would probably send the MAC’s NCAA tournament chances off a cliff but it would be a terrific shot in the arm for what Travis is trying to do with our program. Let’s get our revenge when it really counts!

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Well, we’re due for a win in the series.

Last win over Toledo was 2011. Last MAC tournament semifinal appearance was 2010.

I think in past years, both Toledo and Kent would be under serious consideration for the NCAA tournament. We’ve been a 1 team league for too long now though, so no chance. I’m sure a glutton of double digit loss B10 and ACC teams will get in though. The 5 or 6 teams from each of those leagues that actually deserve to get in won’t be enough for them, and they’ll likely get in 8 or 9.

But enough of my ranting; Miami has nothing to lose today, while the Rockets are playing for their tourney lives. So maybe they’ll come out a little stiff and we can get to them early. Ball out, Redhawks, leave it all on the court.


I think Miami should pound the ball in early to Anderson. As the article correctly points out, UT doesn’t have anyone who truly matches up well with him in the post. And we should keep doing it until UT figures out a way to stop it, which likely means double teaming the post. Which in turn should open up things for Safford, Lairy, and Mabrey. And Anderson must stay out of foul trouble.


Got be careful there so Anderson does not get offensive fouls…amazing though…we held a 19 game lead in this series 11 years ago and have lost it…similar to UC in football.

So strange seeing Miami like this for so long, as said above we are due…in fairness not the team built to do it, but if Anderson can play well and smart with his offense, the other recipe is guys like: Mo’ Safford, Mehki, Kamari, Mabrey need to make shots. Four very capable shooters…maybe even a wild card with Smith.

That gives us a chance.


As I said Skins, he needs to be careful with the fouls. So for instance his tendency to lower his shoulder or push with his front elbow. Hopefully the refs let these guys play and don’t go crazy with the whistle.

According to ESPN, we’re 15-4 and 10-1 in conference play.

Not a great start, not a horrible start. But we can’t keep giving up second shot opportunities on the boards. And do not leave RayJ Dennis standing wide open!!

Julian Lewis has a lot of work to do. Woof.

We can’t get our offense into the paint without Mirambeaux in the game.

We should try playing defense. Wild thought.


Brutal so far.

Well basically UT is doing whatever they want on offense.

Toledo is shooting 68.8% from the field.

Poor D, sloppy play…Kamari had a nice look that went in and out, that you need in a game like this…oh well RJ Dennis is pretty good.

We can’t defensively match up with them one on one and going zone opens up a ton of three point opportunities for a great shooting team.