Miami to play North Texas State

In the Frisco Football Classic December 23 according to Brett McMurphy on CBS Sports

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North Texas is on 5 game winning streak, including a win over #24 UTSA.

chalk up another gut wrenching loss…jeez

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Disappointing, but not surprising.

Not the “bowl” I was hoping for. Be kinda like a home crowd for North Texas as well. Suspect it won’t be a normal bowl experience for the players since it’s being thrown together in 2 weeks or so, but hey, at least we are playing and Chuck can gun for an OOC win!
Happy for the players!

Definitely better than staying home, but I don’t love this. It’s the Mystery Meat Bowl that was thrown together at the last minute, it’s almost a true road game, it’s a very uninspiring opponent, but it’s also an opponent that looks sneakily difficult.

North Texas has been playing really well to end the season. They’re on a 5 game winning streak, they’ve been blowing out the weaker teams in C-USA and they got a 22 point win over nationally ranked UTSA in their last game of the season. Their coach is an air raid guy and our secondary has been a little vulnerable this season.

It sounds like we will be playing a team a lot like us. Thrilling!


To me this confirms that no established bowl wanted us…it’s better than nothing , and I hope Dick is right that somehow the bowl organizers (whoever that will be) will provide a good bowl week experience for our players and coaches.


Payout is $650K.

For historical reference, the MAC is 2-0 in this bowl game with wins by OU and Kent.

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But this isn’t the Frisco Bowl.


Also, they changed their name from North Texas State to the University of North Texas 33 years ago.


It also makes me think that this will put much pressure on Coach Martin to win.

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Of course. There is a trophy on the line.

(Assuming there is an actual trophy, of course.)

3:30 kick on ESPN

We are in what is being called the Frisco Football Classic, the “one off” Bowl being played this year only.

The Frisco Bowl is being played two days before our “classic”. The Frisco Bowl is played in the MLS stadium and I presume ours will be as well.

Natural grass? If so, that field might be mid-2000s BG-levels of a mess if we’re playing 2 days after the other bowl.


Info on Toyota Stadium: Built in 2005 with a $55 million renovation completed in 2018 (not sure what was done). A natural Bermuda grass and seats 20,050. Home of the local MLS franchise and hosts the FCS championship as well as the Frisco Bowl game and state high school championships.

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If ESPN’s website is to be believed, we’re the “home” team.

Break out the alternate charcoal jerseys, baby!

Correct not the Frisco Bowl. The Frisco Classic Bowl, not to be confused with the world reknowned Frisco Bowl. So I have no idea what the payout is for this damn thing.

Frisco Football Classic to be exact…I guess calling it a bowl game would be even more confusing with the incumbent bowl being staged at same stadium two days prior :grin:

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