Miami signs 4 women's basketball recruits

Coach Hendrix announced the signings of 4 high school recruits for next year:

Cristen Carter 6-3 center from Indianapolis Ben Davis. She averaged 11points and 10rebounds and was named to the 15 girl All State team as a Junior.

Madison French 5-11 guard She is a local recruit from Lakota East who averaged 11 ppg

Madison Huhn 5-8 guard from Carlsbad, California. She averaged 19ppg… Who can remember our last player from California?

Amber Tretter 6-1 forward from Forest Park Indiana. She was the MVP of her team who won the Indiana Class 2A state championship and averaged 17 points and 11 rebounds.

All 4 are currently high school seniors, so the stats are from their Jr year.

We already have a Maddie on the team and are adding 2 Madisons. Perhaps we will come up with nicknames for all three.

RedHawks for the win over UVM.

Just a little update on our recruits. 6-3 Cristen Carter of Indianaplis is averaging 18 points and 12 rebounds per game.

6-1 Amber Tretter, after leading her high school team to the Divison 2 state championship in Indiana, played on the Junior All state team this summer.

5-11 Madison French is a big guard who is one of the best players on Lakota East, who was #2 in the state of Ohio Division 1.

5-8 guard Madison Huhn . I did not find any stats on her Senior season, but I did watch some video from this season. She is a good outside shooter and a solid ballhandler.

I would say that we need help inside and the two big girls will probably play a lot next year. The two guards would probably be an upgrade over our current backup guards so they should get some playing time next year as well.

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Let’s see how many show up if the staff is fired.

In my mind there is no choice. Replace the staff and re recruit the players. Miami should be a top of the list destination for female athletes like these


Don’t know why they hired her in the first place saylor worst hires cooper men’s basketball coach 2 wright women’s Coach 3 Hendrix women’s basketball coach 4 steele

Saylor didn’t hire Cooper and you’re yelling about a first year coach that has pulled the top recruiting class since Coles and he hasn’t even finished his first season.

  1. Please get the facts right.
  2. This is a thread about the four athletes who have signed to play for Miami. The constant deviation from their skills and what they bring to Oxford is, quite frankly, disrespectful to them.

Many years ago I was dating a Xavier grad, who, along with all of her friends, were huge XU basketball fans. It was the first year of Thad Matta as head coach. They’d just lost to UC, and they all wanted him fired…immediately.

Not to say Steele will end up as good as Matta, but you’ve got to give him a chance.

Edit: just realized this is a thread about the women’s program. I can delete or move this if necessary.

The question is who they hire when they fire her

After watching our best players turn the ball over and get beat on D, I would ask why have we not at least gotten somewhat better at these things. If I had to say who beyond P Scott would i trust at the end of a game, I would take her on one leg (knee) and my second choice would be surrender.

Only 6 more games left with her as coach for women stuck with Steele 5 years


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Again, this is a thread about the WBB signees. Not MBB. And even WBB coaching.

Tangents are not allowed on a message board? Seriously?

I like @DICK suggestion for a new staff. Coleen Day Henderson is the head coach and her top assistant is her husband.

Seen daivd salyor talking to her when akron was hire wondering if seting interview up after season is over


This is now a thread about the House of Plantagenet. Who is your favorite? Mine is Henry V.


The last, Edward, Earl of Warwick.


Me thinks both thy grace Henry and the good Earl could teach ye old RedHawks the art of defense.

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