Miami @ Ohio St. Wed. night at 7:00

Buckeyes are ranked #25 in this week’s Coaches Poll (#27 in the AP). They are 7-1, with their only loss coming at home to #15 Texas A&M. In fact, OSU has yet to play a true road game. They are 2-0 against MAC foes:

WMU 73-56
CMU 88-61

ESPN shows the Buckeyes as -21.5 with a 93% chance of winning. Honestly, I think we can cover that spread, but coming away with a win would be quite the feat.

6’6 sophomore forward Evan Mahaffey is a Moeller grad and son of Jamie Mahaffey.

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I watch a lot of OSU and Miami hoops. OSU is much better than last year. Better length, depth, and athleticism than last years team. Will be a very tough task on the boards. They’ve also improved defensively, and have shot well from 3 recently.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we keep it close, and will hope the St Bonnie game was an outlier. But if I’m being honest, I think 21.5 is low. I REALLY hope I’m wrong.

Also worth noting - Jack Owens is an assistant for the Buckeyes.

So Jack Owens gets to coach both of the Etzler brothers. This game is on Big Ten+, a pay site. Or you can listen on either the OSU network or the Miami network. Bruce Thornton is leading the Buckeyes in scoring 19.3ppg, Assists 4.5 apg, and steals 1.t spg.
Felix Okpara leads in rebounds with 6.6 rpg and blocks with 2.2 bpg. They also have Jameson Battle, a transfer forward from Minnesota who averaged 12 ppg last year and Sr center Zed Key who averaged 10/7 last season.

I finally got around to watching the replay of the Marshall game tonight and I thought it was our best game so far, although we did a terrible job of closing out the game, letting them cut an 18 point lead with 6 minutes to go all the way down to 4. We had 4 guys in double digits, Cooper, Ipsaro, Dean, and Hunter. Cooper and Ipsaro continued to give us a nice all around game, and this was the best that I have seen Bradley Dean and Ian Elmer ( played power forward) play. Ryan Mabrey had a poor game, he needs a little shot of confidence about now. Our only two guys over 6-5, Morris and Kotecki, both had 4 fouls with 9 minutes to go but neither fouled out. That could be a real area of concern vs the Buckeyes. I had heard that 7-1 Reese Potter might play vs OSU, that would help as they have plenty of size. Playing well and hanging in there would be a nice boost for our talented but very young and inexperienced team.


I’m happy to see both Dean and Bultman adapting their skills to the pace and physicality of the D1 game.

:grin: I was just going to write that Bultman and Dean need to show that they have D1 chops if this is going to avoid being another 30 pt loss. Another physical, experienced team. If Reece plays, working him in is going to be challenging if Steele wants to preserve any progress made so far.

Well, OK then.

I bought a couple of tickets this morning! Not expecting much given the quality of OSU, but this is probably the only time I’ll be able to see Miami this year.


Live look at the corner of Lane and Kenny.

We are Ohio’s team.


THE Championship Team!

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Where is that?

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Lane & Kenny. :joy:

What town is that in?

That’s better. Columbus. Known area for streetwalkers. Don’t know what @The_Sackman is doing there.


Because I was curious…

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Too bad there’s no way to sign up on BIGTV+ for a single game.

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I spit out my Diet Coke laughing. You win.


Davidson at home vs Campbell rn on Bally.

Buckeyes using the Golden Gophers logo for Miami on their Live State feed!

15-8 OSU after we led early 7-6.

27-17 Bucks. Hunter with 7.

We have 6 turnovers. OSU with 1.

Potter is playing. So is Yofan.