Miami men vs Akron in the MAC tournament

Around 4:00 in the Cavs Arena, Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in downtown Cleveland. It could start later if there are overtimes in the first two games of the day. The game before us is the 4/5 game between CMU and BG. Both of their regular season matchups were OT games, one of them a DOT. Chips won both.

If you are a basketball lover, 4 games for the price of one ticket, all 8 teams are playing for their season’s life. If you want to get out and go eat their is always one gate and a procedure to go through so that they will let you back in at the same gate. Ask the ushers before you leave. Also, if you are so inclined, their is a Miami reception at the Harry Buffalo from 1:30 until time to go to our game. It is less than a block North of the front of the Arena.

Not a lot to say abut Akron. They have 2 outstanding 6-8 guys who were the stars of a MAC champion team 2 years ago. In our only matchup we won on a buzzer beater by Darwishii Hunter after Akron had made a nice comeback and tied the score with about 15 seconds to go. Anderson Mirambeaux might have had his best game that day, he basically played Freeman( best player in the MAC) even.

Win this one and we play at 7:30 on Friday night against the winner of OU-WM ( we went 0-4 against those teams. The last time we won a game in Cleveland, Charlie Coles was still the Coach.

All 4 games are on ESPN+. The semifinals Friday night are on CBSSN and the Championship game Saturday night is on ESPN2.


Excited for the brothers rematch…I mean we did beat them before ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Both teams faltered down the stretch. I don’t like our chances in this one, though.

I like our chances better than I would just about any other 2-7 matchup. We’ve overperformed against them by a lot since Steele took over, which is probably a reflection of how well he knows them and how to play against them given the family connection.

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They finally changed the ESPN+ waiting screen after all the complaints.


I’ve turned down the audio to zero…have had way more Michael Reghi than I can possibly stand for today already.

I want to say something but I don’t want to jinx us…

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Miami playing lights out!

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Well this current shooting percentage is not sustainable at all.

Prove me wrong, Miami. Please, prove me wrong.

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Mirambeaux with 10 already.

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Are we just doing timeout to timeout line changes?

That was a two minute stretch of twilight zone!

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This is ludicrous.

Can we please go back to this

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Ooof. So many careless possessions in the last five minutes. On the ball pressure is killing us.


Just following gamecast, but Bultman 0 pts on 0 attempts? In his possible last game?

He missed a 3, if that changes anything.

We’re gonna need him, Mabrey, Cooper, Ipsaro, and Dean to score if we want to win

He got smashed into the scorers table in the first minute of the game. Might still be feeling that.

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Too many turnovers and low percentage shots

37-35 Akron at half

It’s looked good and it’s looked bad. We’re going to have to find some scoring balance. I don’t want to rely on 45 making jumpers.