Miami men vs Akron in the MAC tournament

First half kind of reflected the season so far. We looked like the best team in the MAC and the worst team in the MAC.

Only down 2. Still in it.

Agreed - too many turnovers and two many low percentage shots.

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Looks have been great. Lots of wide open shots. Only a couple contested. The turnovers were bad and too many were unforced.

If the refs continue to let them body our guards, it’ll be a long game. Team has looked tired at the end of the season, which I’m not surprised about with the number of freshmen. CBB is a big step up from AAU and the grind is catching up. The depth needs to step up.

Thanks, I wondered if he was hurt.

Big stats that don’t portend to success:

Assists: Miami has 4 on 14 FGs. Our offensive flow is being thrown off by Akron’s aggressiveness and physicality. Our guards must be stronger.

Points in the Paint: Akron 32, Miami 12. Not only Freeman, but pretty much everybody on Akron getting into the lane. Defense has to be better, and stronger, to keep Akron out of the paint. Akron is 0/11 from 3–that % won’t continue but I wouldn’t hate forcing them to be outside shooters when possible.

I don’t have Jive’s treasure trove of advanced stats but from the eye test, Miami’s best games this year have been when we attacked the rim and scored in the paint. Not really doing that this game.

This is from last time we played Akron

Our guards have struggled with physical defense all season and Akron has made that their big defensive strategy so far. The refs have mostly let it go, but Groce has had major meltdowns the couple times they have actually called it. Need Steele to do a little politicking to get us those calls.

As with all sibling rivalries, who wins will be determined by who gets Mom (the refs) to take their side.


Mirambeaux taking really low percentage shots. Stop settling for contested jump shots in the lane.

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Yeah we’ve lost

2nd half is not being kind to us

Anyone know if Julian Lewis made the trip?

I don’t have an answer to this trip, but he was on the bench (not in uniform) for the OU game.

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It’s really hard to win basketball games without scoring from the guard position. Cooper/Ipsaro/Dean/Mabrey have combined for 5 pts on 1/5 shooting.

We must get better at these spots.

I commented on a text thread this looks an awful lot like our last game. Start strong, fade last three minutes of the first half, second half turns to shit.

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Lock the team in the weight room for the offseason

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Looks like “see ya next season” right now.

Started 4/4 from three. 0/10 since.

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Our players love smacking into these tables :joy:

We need to add a player or two with the mentality and physicality of Tim Pollitz, Ira Newble or Mike Emsinger. Ipsaro and Kotecki are the closet to that we have.


Make that 11