Miami men at Ohio Saturday at 2:00 on ESPNU

We are two thirds of the way through beating in a row three teams who have been dominating MAC basketball since we dropped out of the top echelon. Akron down, Kent down, Ohio next. I know, Buffalo and Toledo have had their moments. Ohio and Miami have identical records, both are 11-10 ( 5-4). OU is 8-3 at home. Jeff Boals is still their coach. They had a couple of starters injured , AJ Brown is still out, Elmore James has returned to the lineup. We beat them late in the season in Oxford last year, we need to keep that going.

The Bobcats have 5 guys averaging double digits, but as I said above, AJ Brown has been out for a long time. 6-1 GS Sheref Mitchell averages 13.6/4.3, 6-0 Sr Jaylin Hunter averages 13.4/4.5, 6-8 JR AJ Clayton averages 11.7/4.6, 6-3 SOPH Elmore James averages 10.7/5.2, 6-1 SOPH Miles Brown averages 7.4/4.0.

OU has lots of good guards, their rebounding is a team effort, lots of guys getting 4 or 5 rpg. They are a good shooting team, 45% FG, 35% threes, 78% FT. Here is an odd stat. They have 3 guys on their roster with the first name of AJ. Traditionally they have a big promotion and put more than 10,000 fans in the Convo whenever Miami plays there on a Saturday afternoon.

For us Ryan Mabrey missed our last game with an injury, I don’t know if he will be back or not. Otherwise I think we are healthy for this time in the season and momentum and confidence are building. Both Miami and Ohio are somewhat hard to prepare for because the scoring and contributions come from so many different people. You never know who is going to score 20 points in the game, but somebody probably will. Yesterday Coach Steele was interviewed on WLW and Steve Baker was interviewed by OU announcer Marty Bannister on 980 so our improved play is getting some notice. It would be an important step to keep the momentum building with another big win on Saturday.


Oh yeah. OU. Beat ‘em!

Grew up on the same street as one of OU’s AJs. His sister is also an absolute baller on Ohio State wbb team

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Per OU’s gamenotes against UB, AJ Brown is out for the year.

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Is it on Espnu?

Shelton fam is easy to root for. Except for the one that goes to OU.

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There should be a good crowd in the Convo for this one! Both teams playing well of late, as Dick indicated.

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I was wondering that myself. Think it’s just on ESPN+.

Interested to see how the new guys handle their first trip to the Convo. I suspect Evan will become well known there.

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We’re dedicating tomorrow’s win to Carl Weathers. We didn’t hear no bell.


Sibs Weekend. Lots of younger brothers, sisters, cousin brothers, sister wives.

OU has won 12 straight home games against Miami.

Bobcats have one true freshman who has played in four games.

We have not won at the Convo since my freshman year began in Fall 2012. You can all blame me.

The banner across Main Street in Athens just says “DELIVERANCE”

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Our last win there was January of 2011. I remember that one- 3OT. Didn’t realize it was the last time we won in Athens. Time to end this streak.

Miami beat Akron and in their next game, Akron won by 31. Miami beat Kent and tonight Kent is leading Buffalo by 28.

Miami is becoming a problem.

Akron beat EMU and Kent is beating Buffalo, two of the worst teams in D1. Still, nice to see us getting some big wins.

Yes, I was aware of that.

Ok, sorry. So then you were being tongue-in-cheek?

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No, just enjoying Miami beating two good teams who can then turn around and beat two other D1 teams by 30 points.

And yes, I know Kent isn’t up to their recent standards.