Miami men at NIU Saturday at 4:30 ESPN3

NIU is11-15 (7-6). Miami is 8-18 (2-11). NIU’s season turned around with their 4 point win in Oxford, they are now on a 6-3 run and have climbed into a 5th place tie with Ohio.

Their guards were great against us the first time. 5-11 soph David Coit has averaged 19.8 ppg starting with our game. 6-0 sr Kaleb Thornton and 6-5 Darweshi Hunter (47% on threes in MAC play) were also really good against us.

Containing their guards will be a key for us, plus it helps a whole lot if Safford is out of concussion protocol. Too many fouls lately will also be something we need to improve on.

This is the second game of a DH on Cram the Convo day. NIU women, who have beaten both Toledo and BG this year, take on first place Ball State in the first game.


I was impressed by them in the first meeting. Coit did a great job running their offense. They were something like 6-14 going into our game, but are 6-3 since then.

I see that Mekhi Lairy will set a new all time Miami record for games played tomorrow. He already is #1 all time in FT%. Lairy has definitely left his mark at Miami.


I wish he’d had a chance to be on better teams at MU. One of the best ever to play for us. Here’s hoping he gets invited to some pro opportunities wherever they may be.

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I’m guessing he’s going to make a lot of Euros!

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Billy Smith out. Left elbow. Steele told him he was starting (solid +/- numbers) +7 at Toledo. Steele rewarded him for that and improved defense (specifically including practice).

Stinks for the kid. Crushed.

Not that material regarding outcome.

Safford playing. 100%


Sorry to hear that. Hopefully elbow injury isn’t to serious and he can start next game.

I posted this in the wrong thread, but our game is going to start late as the NIU women upset first place Ball State in the first game of the DH and it did not end till 4:09.

Game just came on ESPN3.

Interesting. NIU did their pregame feature on Lairy and showed Tatum the whole time…

Noticed…david Coit, their best player, is out today!!

11-2 NIU, TO Miami. Exact same way we started the Toledo game. I yelled at the screen ( Get Lewis OUT of there! and they did!)

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5 TO already

It got to 15-2. Now at the 12 and under TO it is 19-10. We are not usually this bad of a ballhandling team. NIU just looks focussed and ready.

25-18 NIU with 7 minutes to go. Crump has 11, Hunter 7, and Nutter 6 for NIU, Lairy has 6 for us.

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27-20 NIU at the 4 and under TO. We have 8 turnovers already. Mabry just jumped in the air 20 feet from the basket with nowhere to go.

32-22 at the half. Seldom this year has our offense looked so bad. Since the first 5 minutes are defense has been very solid.

It’s only fitting that Kamari gives up an offensive rebound to end the half. He refuses to drive and settles for moving jump shots.

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I just keep waiting for a “new guy” to have a breakout game, but still waiting.

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Lewis has been bad too and Billy is not able to play. Probably should play Tatum.