Miami men at Georgia State Saturday at 2 on ESPN+

Girls are playing Georgia State at 1:00 in Oxford. so games overlap. Miami is 11-12 (5-6). We are 4-8 on the road. Georgia State is 10-13 ( 5-7). They are 6-3 at home in the GSU Convocation Center. We have had 3 common opponents so far. They won at Western Michigan, We lost to Western. They lost at Marshall, We won there, and We both lost to NIU. They have 53,000 students. One connection between the two schools is Ron Harper’s old roommate Ron Hunter. Together they led Miami to 3 straight NCAA bids. As a coach Hunter also led Georgia State to an NCAA upset when Ron’s son hit a midcourt shot at the buzzer. Georgia State’s coaching staff has 3 men who were part of Travis Steele’s Coaching staff at Xavier (head coach Jonas Hayes and assistants Danny Peters and Sean Flannery).

Here are the usual starters:
6-5 JR Lucas Taylor 14.5ppg Wake Forest
6-5 RS SOPH Toneari Lane 13ppg Winthrop
6-2 JR Dwon Odom 12.2ppg, 5.1R, 4.1a Xavier
6-5 GS Jay’Den Turner 10.1/8.9
6-8 GS Leslie Nkereuwen 8.1/5.4 Longwood

They have 10 guys in double digits of minutes per game so they play as many guys as we do, which is rare. This is part of the MAC/Sunbelt challenge. I think the MAC is up 7-5 but is playing all road games. The featured game is Akron at James Madison on ESPN2 at 6:00.


Game is being streamed on ESPN+ and not on ESPNU.

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I was at the game and saw the shot from behind and above the scoreboard. I will never forget it.


I saw RJ play once at UNCW when Ron brought the Panthers to Wilmington. He was a pure shooter.

This reminds me of the Bracket Buster games that were only significant for a small handful of mid-majors who had a shot at an at-large. For everyone else, it was kind of an inconvenient interruption to conference play. Of course I want to win every game, but I don’t care much about it. Just want to beat Ball St. and get that bad taste of the NIU game out of my mouth.

Was is the JMU game that sparked the debate about resting our guys?

I like the idea a lot. It gives us a home and home vs like competition every year, plus is our conference vs another one which is a good thing.


I like the idea if it were a home and home in November of back-to-back seasons, but not November and February of the same season.

I like it too. Go play and compete.

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Travis liked the concept if the MAC had a chance for multiple NCAA bids but not in the current MAC level and NCAA strategy on the tournament

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Try again. Fun Fact:

Every MAC team is an underdog today.

I noticed that. Not too surprising since the matchups are supposed to be relatively even, and all MAC schools are on the road.

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Reminds me of the cmu game. We dont seem athletic enough for this game

We will need to shoot well

They are very physical and we definitely are not matching that.

What a crock of shit, GSU is fouling every time blatantly and no calls?

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Don’t delete your posts. It ruins the show.

8:30 left. This game is over. Wasn’t our night.

Yeah was hoping at this point in the season we wouldn’t be losing by 20 to a 10-13 SBC team.

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Had it cut to 8 and then the bottom fell out. Going to be a St Bonnie type loss.

Put in the Fab 5. Nothing to lose at this point.