Miami men at Eastern Michigan Saturday at 1:00 on ESPN+

Miami is 14-14 (8-7) and we are 5-10 on the road. Eastern is 12-16 (5-10) but is 9-5 at home and won their last 2 home games. They seem to be playing their best basketball lately. Eastern is coached by former Eagle player Stan Heath. Heath has 14 years of head coaching experience at Kent ( Elite 8!), Arkansas, South Florida and EMU.

EMU has the current #1 scorer in the MAC in 6-4 JR Tyson Acuff, who averages 21.7ppg, 3.6rpg, and 2.5apg.

6-2 SOPH Orlando Lovejoy averages 9.9ppg, 2.5rpg, and 2.6apg

6-6 FR Arne Osojnik ( Slovenia) averages 8.7ppg and 3.5rpg. He has been getting better and had 22 in their win over Western Tuesday.

6-8 JR Jalin Billingsley averages 7.3ppg and 5.0rpg

6-8 JR Yusaf Jihad averages 6.7ppg and 3.0rpg His younger brother Bashir is the star of the Ball State Cardinals.

This is not a game to take lightly. We are 5-10 on the road, they are 9-5 at home and have won two in a row as they are fighting to get to Cleveland. Hopefully we keep the momentum going off back to back wins over Central and at BG. Think what a high we would be on heading to Cleveland if we win out and have wins over the top 4 seeded teams. The play of Bradley Dean and Evan Ipsaro the last two games has been at a very high level. If they can maintain that level, we are a much, much better team. The end of this season can possibly get very exciting. Or not. Consistency has been lacking all year, but all kinds of good things are still possible.


Dick–I love your recaps of the opposing teams for our next game up. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Please keep 'em coming! L&H!


Every game this rest of the season is essentially a playoff game - and we now have a team with experience. Let’s go!


Totally agree. I told Dick last Saturday about the excellence of his pre-game posts.


We need to do to Acuff what we did to Marcus Hill last game.



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Tyson Acuff not playing for EMU today.

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It’s “dress as your favorite empty green seat day” at EMU.

I know we’re certainly no strangers to the idea of low attendance but yikes, are people aware the game has started?

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They stink. Let’s handle this like pros.

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We are really much better when Ipsaro looks to score

This is not pretty. Getting open shots just aren’t making them.

That’s my worry about Miami in the MAC Tournament. I think they can beat anyone when they shoot well, but a game like this is always possible, even with a team full of decent shooters.


Good news is that the defense has been strong. I don’t see how they can score more than 55 so just get there first.

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9/29 from the field. 2-14 from beyond the arc. Woof.

EMU is even worse in both categories.

2-14 from three. Perhaps we need to diversify the offense. And defend Billingsley.

Haven’t been able to watch. Only 3 TOs, 6 assists on 9 made FGs. Just sounds like a cold shooting day in Ypsilanti?

I actually dont think our shots have been good ones. They are a little deeper and there is nobody under for rebounds. We need a better plan vs the zone. Seems like we are playing hard on defense

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I would say 2-14 from 3 point line is cold but we could be doing a better job moving the ball. Not bad looks but quick in the shot clock. As they say, “you can get that shot anytime”. We are best in general when quickly moving the ball. And since they are quick in shot clock, no rebounding.

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Man, I think our outside shots have been good looks. Sometimes they go in, sometimes they don’t. Keep taking care of the ball, playing with intensity on D, and trust the shots will fall.

Big 20 minutes upcoming!

Gotta get to the line in a game like this. Both teams with 3 attempts in the first half.:face_vomiting: