Miami MBB 2023-24 Roster

…noted Phil. With Covid years and redshirt years, it’s tough to keep track.

I was relying on the Miami website that CURRENTLY has Curtis as a “SOPHOMORE”. Therefore, I had him listed on the 2023-24 roster as a Junior

Yeah it’s a nightmare to keep track of. Just remember hearing/reading that Harrison asked to be redshirted this year after playing in the two games and having shin problems on and off.

Is Curtis applying for a medical redshirt?

I am not aware of any rule in basketball that allows a redshirt for playing below a minimum number of games as there is in football.

I would assume so. He had a leg issue all season and shut it down after returning for two games.

Are you sure about that? It seemed to me that last year both Ames and Tatum played in a few games and then set out the rest of the season so they could use a redshirt and preserve a year of eligibility.

In the past I thought there was a 4 game rule. If that rule was dropped or changed, I do not know. Maybe someone does or will look it up. Right now I am too busy to do that.

The 4 game rule only exists for football. Basketball has talked about adding a comparable rule since football implemented theirs, but never has. Tatum didn’t appear in any games for the 21/22 season. Ames appeared in 7 and then was shut down with a back injury iirc. Medical redshirt rules allow you to play less than 30% of the season, but not after the midway point, and still redshirt with a season ending injury.

Harrison’s last game was against CMU, the 14th game of 31, so he would be eligible for a medical redshirt. I don’t think it’s a guarantee Harrison is playing next season, even if he’s at Miami.


JiveHawk provides what I believe is the definitive answer on the basketball redshirt rules.

Agreed. And thanks to Jive for looking it up. I do think that at one time ( been following this stuff for over 50 years) there was a 4 game limit beyond which you could not get a medical redshirt, then later a percentage, but this is the first time I have heard of the 30% rule. Good to know.

Jackson…averaged 4.6 points and 4.4 rebounds at Marian University. He pulled down 6 rebounds in a pre-season exhibition game vs. Indiana (Yes…That one).

According to a very reliable source, Ames is not expected to transfer back to Miami…although he enjoyed his two years in Oxford.