Miami @ Kent - 11/27 Noon on ESPN+

MAC Kickoff times for the final week were just announced. Gonna need a subscription to watch what should be a play-in game for the East.

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Professor Fate loves this. Finally gets that November Saturday game he has been wanting. MACtion sucks!!! This is how all our games should be played…on Saturday afternoon and not televised.

Current forecast for the noon kickoff is 39 degrees and a 30% chance of snow showers. Classic Midwest week 12 football weather.


I’m spending Thanksgiving in Beechwood with in-laws and other family, will try getting over for the game with at least three others to cheer us on.

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So a likely conference semifinal is on… ESPN+.


It’s a saturday folks, what did you expect?

There was typically one or two MAC games per week on national TV this season when we had conference games on Saturdays. This is on Thanksgiving weekend, so there’s a ton of games on Friday, which means much less competition. Pretty disappointing that this one got relegated to online streaming only.

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I expected the MAC to somewhat expect this match up being a semifinal. It’s not like half the preseason publications predicted this or anything.

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I get that, but how does that change the network? That isn’t up the MAC right now. I don’t think they are blasting Akron/Toledo, are tey?

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The MAC has tv games on both espnu and cbsnet on friday

Should have put it on Tuesday. If you had to pick the best Week 13 MAC game in the preseason, Kent/Miami would have been it.

I’ll be freezing in Ross Ade stadium at that time.

$8/mo or $2/game for espn+. I remember having to watch CNN for the score scroll to get “updates” about every ten minutes. My MU buddy in Columbus and I would exchange calls throughout the game. If I was lucky, I’d pick up the game on our opponents radio broadcast. Was lucky enough to get the LSU broadcast and listen to parts of the game. My mother-in-law was in town and we went to dinner at an upscale seafood restaurant in suburban Detroit. Fortunately, both my wife and m-i-l drank lots of wine and were loaded so I could sneak out to listen for a few minutes and not get them pissed. Ended the meal asap to listen to the end of the WIN! Great memory.


I spent many nights in the 90s trying to listen to Toledo-Akron-Kents radio. There was one year when we had a Cleveland area radio station (2003 with Ben I think but continued with bball). For awhile we were on 1360am and I could get that in certain parts of the house at night.

Then the internet and finally espn plus has made it way better


The Information Age has drastically improved the way we learn “who won.” If you go back to the late 50s and 60s it was almost impossible to get scores. After THE Saturday TV broadcast game ended the network went to College Football Scoreboard with OU’s own Dave Dials. That half hour show basically gave you the scores of as many football games as they could. People would call scores into them from various game sites. Women walked behind Dials and posted updates on boards as he delivered the scores on the air. You would get the scores of Lock Haven vs Clarion State or Middlebury vs Bowdoin, as well as Oklahoma and Georgia.

But after the scoreboard show ended you were basically in no man’s land as far as finding out scores. I would occasionally call the local newspaper and ask for the sports department for the Miami score. Sometimes somebody there would check the wire and tell you a score. But you usually had to wait until the local paper got delivered on Sunday morning if you were outside the radio broadcast area for a particular team.

In the late 70s and early 80s WHAS the 50k Watt station in Louisville used to air Telescore 84 after the UofL radio broadcast ended. They had student stringers at campuses like Kentucky Wesleyan or Hanover or DePauw who would call in reports on the sir. You could call in and ask them for scores, too.

Now, I just click on my CBS College Football Scores link and get instant updates for all FBS and FCS goes. In a lot of ways, the “good old days” sucked!

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This is still how it works in Huntington, WV.


Kent State still needs a win to become bowl eligible. Let’s hope they get that sixth win in a punishingly physical rivalry game against Akron on Saturday so they don’t bring additional incentive into the game with us the following week. It’s looking like 7 and possibly 8 MAC teams are going to be bowl eligible. I feel much more confident about our chances at 7-5 than at 6-6. Beat Kent!

Kent State game makes me very nervous. Very explosive offense and a good running QB.

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Tuesday isn’t and was never an option for that week. Those games end this week, no way around it.

What do you mean? MAC is playing two Tuesday games next week: Buffalo/Ball St and WMU/NIU