Miami Hockey "Burners" on twitter

Its same issue with regards to politics, i.e. people are awfully brave when they can trash talk behind a cloak of anonymity.


Part of me feels like they don’t actually care that much about bergs they’re just trying to rile ppl up so they can fight and insult people online

1-16-1 What decent player wants to come to this MESS?

Brasen Boser’s search history after watching Miami blow a 2 goal lead to UND in the 3rd:

Found at least 3 more accounts I’m keeping an eye on for after next series. It seems they get added to after a loss where people are coming at Berg in the comments. All of these prospective burners were made this month and are following Miami Hockey. No real tweets yet. Will update when/if I observe anything


One of these “burners” did comment “fire Rico” on a st Thomas tweet so maybe there’s a connection there

I’ll have to remember never to piss you guys off. Serious online sleuthing skills shown here.

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When you’ve been around the block on twitter long enough you know what to look for :joy:


Before twitter started charging to use their API, I had created a script that tracked every follow/unfollow each coach made complete with a visual graph. It’s wild how well you can tell who is being heavily recruited and who is about it commit. Combining sports fandom with the power of the internet is an interesting combination.


I christen thee…Macguyver!!

All this makes no difference- our AD has let Miami hockey become another program over the last few years to hit rock bottom ( W BB, W volleyball, M BB ) before taking any action - a coaching change should have been made at least two years ago

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