Miami Hockey "Burners" on twitter

I have recently come across a few recently created accounts on twitter that it seems their sole purpose is to respond to criticisms of the hockey team with pro Bergeron/coaching staff tweets. Was wondering if anyone else has come across these accounts and who you think is running them?

No idea. But I’d sure love to see their ridiculous reasons that criticism isn’t absolutely warranted.


For reference all of these accounts are created this month. I called out the account going by Jayquan and about an hour later he started posting about subjects besides Miami hockey. Some of these accounts are laughable personas

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Profile has a current players former school and birth year, coincidence???

Winger from buffalo, NY with some academic struggles, remind you of anyone???

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The Stew account reported on Brasen Boser decommitting from Miami. All three of the accounts follow each other

Sad about brasen tho :frowning:

Do you think it’s all players or a mix of players and coaches?

Had boser decommitting get reported prior to the tweet or did “stew” break the news

Also I looked up these accounts names online and I couldn’t find any results for the people they supposedly represent

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Not very knowledgeable on our roster who are you thinking of?

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I can’t find anyone else talking about boser on Twitter before stew was. Although stew definitely isn’t a reliable enough source to be trusted with breaking news. Boser had the Miami logo on the lineups last week then stew mentioned he was hearing about the deccommitment and then the logo was gone this week so he wasn’t exactly wrong…

He also seems to believe it’s North Dakota that called. Could be inside information or just guessing based on the fact that Boser is from ND


From a reverse image search at least Jerry’s profile pic is stolen

Stew goes to “SMDU” which id assume is suck my d*ck U

They’re obviously fake accounts but I can’t find any mistakes made like accidentally following or liking a real persons tweets. I like investigating though so I’ll look more into it :joy:

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The way they gang up on people who criticize the team they have to have some relation to the team there’s no way a random hockey fan would care that much about a team that is 1-16-1 in conference with a 5th year coach


I’m not saying I think it’s for sure players or coaches but it’s fun to speculate. The players probably don’t care enough do to something like this and I doubt bergeron is technologically savvy enough to think of doing this.

Fletcher went to Quinnipiac and was born in 2001 and barbolini is from buffalo and he’s had some academic eligibility issues.

Again I don’t actually think they’d do this but it’s an interesting coincidence

Here “Stew” calls “Blaze” his buddy

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Like on the one hand I guess it would be good to see our players standing up for their coach and buying into his system/having a united front (especially after clement told bergs to shut up on the bench saturday) but at the same time they’ve said some really nasty things and that’s a horrible look for us

Like this is a wild thing to say to your commissioner. I mean I would think our guys wouldn’t be stupid enough to @ the commissioner with a sexist comment because if they get caught that’s a huge scandal and such a bad look (also just don’t be sexist??)


They’re the only ones who I can think of who have the motivation to do this

Be wary of Nick and Harry as well

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Yeah or it could be some butthead students. Some of the insults seem a little juvenile and it feels like it should be beneath someone who’s 21/22/23/24 which is most of our players.

I did some digging and this andrew guy follows “stew”-

Went to his profile and whaddaya know he went to BGSU :thinking:

Coincidentally a former Miami player follows him on ig :thinking::thinking: (although not one I’d think would be too supportive of bergs). I’m curious to know if he’s also friends with logan bergeron but I don’t follow him so I don’t know (and if it’s one of bergs kids doing this I’d think it’d be the younger one even though he’s a bit father removed from Miami)

Maybe he’s just like us, trying to figure out who these guys are or he just supports their message or it could be a clue…


I suppose it could be some immature kids but I just can’t see anyone supporting the staff the way they do unless it’s family

For some stupid reason I leave my personal email address on my site, and I’ve gotten a few weird emails lately.

One pro-Berge one from someone I’ve never heard of blamed Rico’s push to join the NCHC for all of Miami’s woes. Based on the writing I’d say the person was pretty young and unfamiliar with the team’s history.

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