Miami @ Ball State

Ball State " laying the wood" to Kent State …now 34-3 late in 4th quarter.

Kent is so bad. That said, Ball St. is capable of beating any MAC school. I think we’ll win, but it will likely be close.

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Yes, BSU has had a poor season, but they aren’t terrible, and definitely capable of beating us if we do not play well, and put some points on the board.


Beating us, getting revenge for our taking their trip to Atlantis away from them and winning a trophy is their bowl game this year. We need to bring it and lay the wood.

Uh-oh…. “muhawk “ will not like your take on that.:joy:

Isn’t that special?

There is a difference between treating it as their bowl game and seeking revenge (which again, they must be terrible at doing since this will be the 3rd straight season they must be seeking revenge against us.)

They’re not mutually exclusive. And failure probable further kindles the fires of revenge.


Come on guys, any game will be tough for us. We are limited on offense, but we have a really good defense. Thus more of what we have been doing, protect the ball and play D!


We jumped to 52nd in S&P. 90th in offense (still going up even with Smith), 19th on defense, 1st in special teams. Toledo is now 35th.