Miami @ Ball State

On to the next one…

Kickoff is at noon a week from Saturday. We get another game on CBSSN (hooray).


Chuck has already said he doesn’t plan on sitting anyone unless it would impact their availability for the MACCG. For that reason, I don’t think we’ll see Gage.

10 regular season wins would be a nice feather in the cap. Don’t know much about ball state, but it looks like many of their games have been close. They don’t have a shot of being bowl eligible any more, so I’m not sure how motivated they’ll be

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They have three wins: Indiana State, CMU, NIU.

They’ll be motivated. A trophy is on the line!


I’m sure Chuck will preach to his kids about Ball State: Do not look beyond them. Ball State is the next game…focus, focus, focus.


The Cardinals aren’t particularly good, but they’re better than their 3-7 record would indicate. They started the season with losses to Kentucky and Georgia. After one quarter of each game, they led UK 7-3 and were tied 0-0 at UGA before getting blown out in both. More recently, they have a 7 point loss to Toledo and a 3 point lose at BG. They’ll likely beat Kent this Saturday, and if so, they’ll come into our game winners of 3 of their last 4 with perhaps some momentum. With 10 days between games and coming off the high of winning the East, I’m a little concerned about this one.


With kickoff at noon that means will be on directly against a game featuring some other Ohio-based university and a school that copied Princeton’s helmets.

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And Delaware’s colors and helmets, too.

We are their biggest rivalry, so Yes, we will need to match their intensity.

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I’ll be attending the game next week. It’s my first time ever watching a football game at BSU. Any suggestions in terms of seats? Is there anything interesting to do in Muncie on a Saturday morning that is appropriate for a 6-year-old kid?

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They remember what we did to them last year. They would love to reforge favor. However, that’s not going to happen. We are rolling.


If you have a pulse, you can sit wherever you want

As far as seating goes, Miami fans have been sitting behind our teams bench on the smaller side of the stadium. If the weather is good, we should have a pretty good Miami crowd.

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I’m not sure beating us this year to force us to settle for a 9-3 regular season as we prepare for the MACC would really make up for last year.

I’ve been a STH for over a decade and still have no idea where my seats actually are.


Yeah, I didn’t say that. I said I’m sure they want to beat us, I’m pretty sure I’m right.


Sit with Dave and Peyton. It’s got a nice view of the stadium in the distance. They’ll have S’mores

In that case, everyone wants to beat us. And we want to beat everyone on our schedule, regardless of past results.

But remembering what we did to them last year shouldn’t have anything to do with it anyway. Otherwise they would have been out for revenge last year and in 2021, after we won in similarly dramatic fashion (especially in 2021, after their late interception in Oxford cost them an undefeated season in the shortened 2020 campaign).

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Just take care of friggin business and win the game!

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Watching BSU and Kent is not for the faint of heart. Cards kickoff after a TD goes out of bounds, so Kent starts at the 35. On the first play from scrimmage, a 65-yard TD is called back due to a hold. Flashes HC doesn’t like it, so half the distance to the goal on top of the holding penalty.

1st and 33, and a 6 yard rushing gain brings up 2nd and 27. On 2nd down, another running play, but a Ball St. hands to the face penalty is an automatic 1st down.