Miami at Western Michigan Tuesday at 7:00 ESPN+

Miami is 11-18 (5-11)… We have climbed out of last place with our first 3 games winning streak of the season, which included a win over Ohio U which snapped a 6 game OU winning streak and also ended a 7-0 run against Miami by OU over the last 4 years. We now have a shot and getting into the MAC tourney, which seemed impossible about 10 days ago, but we really have almost no margin of error, we need to win the last two games, which would match our season total of road wins. Western Michigan is 7-22 ( 3-13). We beat them in Oxford recently in a close game. Western is 3-4 at home in MAC games and does have wins over Ball State, BG, and Eastern Michigan.

Eastern has two coaches on their staff who worked here for the last 5 years. I got to know them both and have nothing but good things to say about them. Jeff Rutter has been in college coaching for a long time. He was Jack Owens top assistant. Cowan Olinger was first a graduate assistant and then the Director of Basketball Operations at Miami. He is now the DOBO at Western.

Here are the Broncos main players:

6-1 JR Lamar Norman, Jr 17.6ppg
6-6 SR Tray Maddux, Jr 11.5ppg
6-7 RS JR Marcus Hastings 8.1ppg and 9.2 rpg
6-8 JR Titus Wright 8’2ppg and 5.1 rpg
6-4 FR Seth Hubbard had 19 points Saturday in their loss to Akron
Western’s strength has been rebounding this year.


If we lose at Buffalo and miss Cleveland, so be it, our record is our record.

We can’t let the season go down in flames against a last place WMU team. Gotta step up tonight and take care of business.


Cheers to that…would be nice to get the “W”…as momentum is there a bit…and hey, we have beaten UB.

So if shooters keep up the confidence…you never know. Would be great for Trav to get us to Cleveland and maybe even a win in first makeshift year.

Mabrey/Morris are growing up…and Kamari coming back on.

Mirambeaux and Safford feeling it, and Lairy playing his best ball.


Last game, Safford kept Norman in check and we only had 7 turnovers. Agree with @Skins, Mabrey and Morris are showing something new game-by-game. I think Morris has one of the highest ceilings of anyone I’ve watched at Miami. Lairy is making everyone else better and taking what’s being given. We’ve had a massive jump in defense without a lot of gains in the underlying numbers.

Looks like we’re just forcing harder shots or defending those shots better

It’ll be interesting to see how we handle the bigs next season. Mirambeaux is averaging 14 and 6 in somewhat limited minutes and can still get better if he shaves off a little more weight in the offseason. Morris is showing a ton of potential and has made big strides down the stretch. We also have Potter coming in. The question will be if two of those guys can play together or if they’ll have to split 40 minutes between all of them.

Jackson Kotecki may come in more ready to play for the incoming bigs…and I bet he shows up 6’9 225-230.

While @ 7’0’ might be hard to not see some time, I don’t think it will be significant in year one for Potter.

Kotecki has more offense likely than Morris already (not that Jackson’s is eye-popping) and appears to be in the Zach Freemantle mold…ultimately I think Steele is seeing Nunge and Freemantle with these two signings. But I see Kotecki ready for minutes.

I thought Kotecki was more of a 4?

He is…but in reality so is Morris and even Anderson if he lost 20 more pounds…although I like Anderson at Center and about 285 anyway…needs the size to move people, given that he’s about 6-7.

Point is Morris (6-7, 220) a 4 comes in for him…Koetecki at what appears to be legit 6-9, projected 225-230 is that MAC/Miami high-post 5 (who can play 4), stretch mold. Shoot it, move sort of like Logan McLane and given that O will likely need some time…his size/athleticism looks ready.

We rarely play with Anderson at C and another power player at 4. Look at our starting lineups:


I could see Koetcki and Morris playing together though…if they both progress. Or even go big with Kotecki and Anderson…I think the plan will eventually be to have Kotecki/Potter out there together (like Freemantle/Nunge)…but Potter could use a bit of strength, his upper body is pretty lean compared to Kotecki.

I just figure those three will make up the majority of the “5” rotation for now, and lots of guards/wings, otherwise. Looking at this kid (as Sr. in HS) next to Rob Summers…it’s clear he has legitimate size.


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Mirambreau is going to start at center, he is good now and might be great next year. Then, I don’t think any of us really know. I would suggest that probably there is not enough playing time for all 3 of them, so if everybody is healthy, redshirting one of the other 3 might be a smart move. We have the chance next year to play 2 bigs part of the time, and option we really don’t have this year. I don’t have any real idea of who is going to be the most advanced of Kotecki, Morris, and our 7 footer by next season. There is a need and playing time for 3 big men, but not 4. So any of the three could benefit by redshirting a season, always a good idea for young big men. I am just throwing that out there as a possibility, injuries or transfer portal can disrupt any plans made this far out.

2 minutes in and Lairy has 2 threes and we are up 8-0!

Outstanding Start! 8-0!

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Lairy is looking to start his own personal 3-point contest.

8-0 just 2:10 into the game. WMU calls for time.

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From what Steele has said, Kotecki is pretty comparable to Shumate of Toledo. Pretty decent comp to have.

11-0 at the first media TO! Mabry also hit a 3.

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Pitching a shutout at the under 16.

11-0. It could easily be 14-0 but Lairy’s last shot rattled out.

EMU and CMU both leading at the U16. Buffalo won’t tip until 8.

Amazing what confidence can do. Team feels like they can make anything. Morris played great d and is moving quickly on offense. Maybe shooting a bit quick on a couple possessions, but WMU playing soft perimeter D

10-0. Apparently one of the triples has been ruled as a 2-pointer.

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Loving the shirt!

And Western hit 6 straight shots and they take a point away from one of our early 3’s. 17-15 Miami at the second TO.

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