Miami at St.Cloud State this weekend.11/3,11/4

St.Cloud is off to an uncharacteristic slow start (2-4-O). This will be a good test for Miami (4-1-1).


See for a complete preview by John Lachman.

Where is Ray??

Not sure. The lineup Miami tweeted out at 20 skaters, so that was clearly wrong. Vitolins seems to be the one they included that isn’t actually in the lineup.

Maybe he was a game time decision ? Might be feeling under the weather?

Yep, that’s exactly what it was.

1-0 SUCS. Miami being totally outplayed early.

Very fortunate to only be down 1-0 after the first. Seemed like we were a couple steps slow…

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Ryan Sullivan skated off looking hurt…hopefully he’s alright

Great goal on a redirect by Hallen; tied up 1-1 with 5 left in the 2nd

These announcers on NCHC tv suck though. I understand announcers will be homers but literally zero emotion on the Miami goal and then are screaming to celebrate a St Cloud goal while we can clearly see the ref already waved it off as no goal (reviewing it now)

They are hard to listen to. Not to mention calling Dukovac “Dukolac”


Miami 2

Won only 20 of 62 faceoffs? Yikes.

No Vitolins.

Well, at least they got the extra attacker goal to end 2-3 rather than 1-3 or 1-4. In terms of Miami losses over the past couple years that wasn’t particularly bad. Didn’t seem too out of it ever, and didn’t feel like the team gave up. Hope they can put together a better game tomorrow to get the split.


The score probably should have been worse, they kinda dominated in the 1st and 3rd. They doubled up on us in SOG in the 1st and I don’t think we had more than 5 shots in the 3rd.

Neaton played well today IMO, but I feel like if we were playing denver/north Dakota/western Michigan like this the score would be a lot more lopsided.

Also, is Teddy lagerback injured? Bergeron said we had 2 forwards go down and we were left with 9 and I know Sullivan went out but I’m not sure who the second one is. I just don’t remember seeing Teddy too much at the end

Good night if you are a Dubuque fighting saints fan; 5/6 of the Miami points were scored by former fighting saints


Excellent point. Faceoff wins are a key stat.
Bergeron said on his post game video that’s posted on the Miami Athletics site that he was/is down to 9 forwards?
What’s up?
Think we’ll see the new goalie ( Bruno)?


Line charts are out. Bruveris in net. Demsey at forward. Vitolins is back. Sullivan out. Simanovics in. Should be interesting.


They last minute scratched zane on his birthday :frowning: I was so excited to see forward zane score his first goal today!

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