Miami at St.Cloud State this weekend.11/3,11/4

Commentary guy might need to change his pants after that SCSU goal. They don’t even try to hid the bias lol

It was a nice goal.

1-0 SUCS midway through the second period.

Moulton having a tough night…

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2-0 now.

I checked in on my way to dinner and it was scoreless, Next time I looked, down 3-0. Blech.

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4-0 St. Cloud. Back to the the Miami I know :confused:


Miami 0

Embarrassing. Back to league play!

Team showed their true self over the weekend. Can NOT compete in their conference.

It’s early, but the digging has begun.

Weekends swept in conference: 1

Embarrassing blowout losses: 1

Upset victories: 0

Competitive Losses to top conference teams: No data yet

Face-off winning percentage has absolutely no correlation to winning hockey games.

Hey JohnnyMac, I think your account was hacked. Some joker posted under your name that faceoff percentage is irrelevant.

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Miami is 0-13-2 last 15 games at St.Cloud.

“Never bet against a streak,you’ll only lose once”

Miami needs an “A” this weekend at Goggin vs CC.

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This article is from 2017 but indicates no correlation between faceoffs and both long term and short term game outcomes.


I learned something about hockey today. Intuitively you would think that gaining possession more than the other team would be important in determining who wins. From reading this, it is probably such a small edge that it really is not important.

No correlation between face offs and short term game outcomes? Mmmkaaaayyyy. I bet Rand Pecknold and Bob Motzko have some thoughts they’d like to share on the topic.

Face off wins affect a game in more of a situational manner which is my takeaway. Losing a face off on a PP can take 20-30 sec off the man advantage. That has more of a potential impact on an outcome than losing a NZ faceoff resulting from an offsides. Does any of this face off stuff change an outcome compared to CORSI? Definitely not. Doesn’t mean it isn’t important or a stat that should be ignored.

Back to lurking.


Please see:

Ice hockey face off analytics.Really drills down.

A key is a player who wins face offs in the O Zone, and puck goes into “ danger zone” from where scoring % is high.

Check out Coach Bergeron’s pre weekend video on the Miami Athletics web site.
He basically says what your point was,that winning face offs extend your power play offensive time.,
Good call.

If I give you my wife’s email, would you mind pointing this out to her? I could use a win in any category at home today.

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Edit: While I’m at it, “We pay no attention to face offs won/lost as it doesn’t impact the outcome of the game.” said no coach ever.

Now, back to lurking.


I’d recommend egg nog with Peach bourbon.

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