Miami at St. Bonaventure Saturday at 2:00

The game can be seen on ESPN+, or you can watch the replay later on ESPN+ sometime after our football game is over. I don’t remember ever playing the Bonnies, but I did drive through Olean NY on the way to the UMass football game this fall. It is a long way( hundreds of miles) from any big city. One connection with St. Bonaventure is that Jalen Adaway transferred there and played as a starter for 3 ( I think) great years including NCAA teams. Their coach, Mark Schmidt, has been there 16 years with a 282-213 win loss record at Olean. He has 3 NCAA and one NIT appearances at St. Bonaventure. In the late 90’s into the early 2000’s Schmidt was an assistant at Xavier for 7 years on some of their great teams when we were still playing them every year.

In looking at their roster, 7 players appear to be transfer portal guys and 4 others played previously at something called Putnam Science Academy. So far this season they are 3-2. Here are their results:
Longwood home W 73-69
Canisius home L 70-67
Oklahoma State neutral site W 66-64
Auburn neutral site L 77-60
Bucknell home W 67-61

They have not played any road games yet. Their win over Oklahoma State is impressive, but their home record of 2-1 with all 3 games being very close would indicate we at least have a shot at winning this game. None of those games were against basketball powers.

The same 5 guys have started all 5 games and all are transfers:

6-3 Mika-Adams Wood Graduate student transfer from UC averages13 ppg and is the leading scorer. We faced him last year in Cincy

6-3 RS- SR Daryl Banks III. You might remember him as being one of the stars of St. Peters Elite 8 team 2 years ago He was third team All A-10 last year but is averaging only 7 ppg

6-4 grad student Charlie Pride12ppg Transfer student

6-10 RS Jr Chad Venning from Morgan State 11ppg

6-6 soph Assa Essamvous from Keyston Academy 9ppg

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Absolutely not. The real pros are going with Miami football on the TV, OSU/Michigan on the laptop, and Miami basketball on the phone.

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This is the way


How about, the real fans will be in Muncie at the football game and will watch the basketball replay when we get home, lol.

This real fan won’t be in Muncie because he’ll be home in NC but he’ll be watching Miami rather than TOSU vs TTUN. He did make it to Miami Gardens, Amherst and Athens and actually walked out of McGuirk in the rain with Rashad Amos parents at 12:50 am.

If you live within a couple hours of Muncie, please show up at Scheumann Stadium!

They seem to have balanced scoring, but coach bemoans their shooting so far. Bench scored 22 points vs Bucknell (2-5). Stats similar to Miami but they are one of the most experienced teams in the nation.

BTW Dick, Putnam Science Academy is a New England basketball academy. Lot of players at major programs, including Xavier, I think? Steele offered Buddy Simmons, a pg with PSA, but he ended up at Gardner Webb.

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We lost a target recruit to Gardner-Webb? Ouch.

FWIW I think Buddy fell off the radar at some point for whatever reasons. He kind of disappeared for awhile and only had a few offers. Great crossover, though!

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He would be sitting the bench behind Ipsaro and Cooper!

I see is listing the same radio stations for both the football and basketball games. Does anybody know what the actual plans are for radio coverage?

From list of notable St.B alumni.

Lack of size is killing us and Bonaventure has been hot shooting. So tough to watch Morris try to decide between allowing layups or contesting and leaving nobody there to grab the rebound. Hunter is still our only consistent scorer.

That was painful to watch. 18-0 run to end the half.

Miami scored 18 first half points

Harry Doyle with the stats analysis

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Switching from football to basketball…so…whats going on in here?

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We’re getting outrebounded 31-13 and getting outshot 58%-33%.

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Grades are finalized the week of 12/4, right? Could we see Mirambeaux for the OSU or Davidson games?

There’s no way we can be competitive against any good team unless we add to our size.


Finals week ends Friday December 15.

Will football finish with more wins than hoops?

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Yes my daughter has spent most of this Thanksgiving break at home studying and working on finals projects.

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