Miami at North Dakota Series

Ludvig Persson revenge game? Let’s hope not…

Some good news- Ray should be back this weekend


Luds had some nice things to say at least

#2 team in the country on the road. If Berg wants to make a statement, then this is his moment.

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We do technically hold a win streak at the Ralph…yes it’s only one game but it’s something XD

He’s a nice kid!


The most important news going into the weekend-


Also it’s kinda wild our players aren’t allowed to talk to john lachmann but they can talk to the opps reporters literally during game week

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Is tomorrow Hampus’ 100th career GP? That would be something special against ludvig he better score a goal

Down 2-0 after the first. Basically no offense whatsoever during the first, but at least Neaton is doing some work or it could be a whole lot worse.

Extremely unbalanced SOG… but the team looks to have some fight. It could be worse

Two quick goals on ludvig- 3-2


Back to back goals and only down 2-3 halfway through the 2nd. SOG only 6-22. Hope that gives them some energy to tie it up now

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UND scores and ruled a good goal after a long review for a hand pass which was deemed to not have directly led to the goal. Not sure what exactly the rules around what overturns a goal is, but feel like I agree, it was a long time before the goal.

I guess I don’t really see that much difference between that hand pass and an offsides zone entry long before a goal is scored. Neither one leads directly to the goal being scored, but a hand pass just doesn’t count? Weird rule, if so.


5-2 UND at the second ice cut.

Ludvig not playing his best game, has made 7 saves on 9 shots (.778)

He probably fell asleep.

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Miami 4
North Dakota 6

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That was a weird game.