Miami at North Dakota Series

Did anyone else catch the part where UND PxP play said Bruveris is out “long-term”?

I need the “I need a beer” emoji on my own post.

I heard he had a concussion? How long does protocol usually take?

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Thanks. Lots going on today and I missed the first part of the game. Will rewatch now.


Definitely an odd game. Our team showed some bright flashes at times and I like how they played till the final horn instead of giving up when the score got bad like they usually do; it gave us momentum into the next game plus a much more respectable score and we got spencer cox’s first goal and another REA Blake mesenberg goal to extend his streak at 3.

Faceoffs weren’t the worst and we were somehow almost even in blocked shots with a team that has 4 players who are top 5 in the country in blocks. SOG differential was abysmal though :joy:

I don’t feel like UND was playing their best tonight, they were sloppy at times with the puck and their goaltender didn’t help much. Miami just didn’t capitalize on a lot of their mistakes. They’ll probably be hungrier tomorrow I would think since they seemed upset after the game about those late goals.

Also, how in the world did PJ Fletcher finish at +3??


4-1 going into the third

The first period was going alright until the end when they had an absolute breakdown and let in 3 unanswered goals

The second period was much better with multiple good Miami PKs, we outshot UND 8-3, and had no goals allowed (!!!)

This game would be a lot closer without that breakdown at the end of the first, and it’s unfortunate they’re in another hole they have to try to climb out of

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Miami 1
North Dakota 5


Bergeron is Charmin-soft. 50-ply.

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Gonna agree wholeheartedly on their statement about Skyline. Ugh!

Gold Star > Skyline


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